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S 22 Ultra Camera Tips and Tricks: How to Improve Your Photography Skills with S22?

Have you come across the amazing features of the Samsung’s S- series ultra camera processing? If not, you are at the right place! S 22 Ultra Camera, having rich features is way more than any hardware processing. Every smartphone lover wants the most of the smartphone, but it is incomplete without knowing the the camera tips and tricks to add a cherry on your experience. This article will help you the most if you have bought a new S22 or about to buy one. Let’s have a look at the S 22 Ultra Camera tips and tricks quickly.

The Amazing S 22 Ultra Camera Tips and Tricks

1. Turn on the 108 MP mode

The S 22 Ultra Camera is of 108MP, which is quite big. Most of you avoid this feature because the photos that gets clicked by the camera occupies much space. But, here is the trick of the day that will help you to enjoy the perks of the super camera quality.

All you need to do is open the 108 MP camera and click on an icon named Aspect Ratio, present at the to of the screen. Choose the 108 MP for shooting. You will jo more run out of space.

2. Scene Optimizer

Are you a photoholic person, always looking for images to post on your Instagram? Well, this hack is for you. You can get best images for your Instagram using the Enable Scene Optimizer feature. After the Scene Optimizer gets enabled, the more will use the AI feature to click a crystal clear picture with automatic effect easily.

So, you have to go Settings and click on the Scene Optimizer icon. Also, don’t forget to check the Photo mode without which it will not get enabled.

3. 8K Snap Feature

You must be familiar with the Samsung’s S22 8K video capture feature. It also helps you to capture high resolution pictures.

You have to look for the FHD icon and click on it for the camera to capture at 8K. For the latter part, a simple tap on the camera icon placed at the left hand corner will work.

4. The Auto Frame Videos

It is one of the unique features of the new S22 smartphone. You can now select a frame according to your video’s requirement. It is called the Auto Frame feature that adjusts the frame automatically. Moreover, it controls the zoom, keeping the required things inside the video’s frame.

You have to look for white circle present at the right side after switching to video mode. Then, enable the option of Auto Frame.

5. Night Mode Feature

Wait wait, we are not yet finish with the list of the tips and tricks yet. It is another thing that you must know about the S22 Ultra Camera. This smartphone has a night mode which comes with a timer. The night mode works automatically by adjusting the scene’s shutter speed depending on the time. But, you can increase the timer of the night mode using a simple trick.

Enable the Night Mode with a tap on am icon named Timer at the right hand corner. After that click on the Max option and them the Shutter button. The camera will maximise the night mode whenever it feels like for a longer time.

Last words

Hopefully, the tips and tricks mentioned above must have helped you to improve your photography experience with the latest Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Camera.

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