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Shiny Charizard: Things You Need To Know About Catching The Shiny Charizard Versions

Are you a Pokemon Go player and struggling to find and catch Shiny Charizard? Well, this article will solve your problem. You will be satisfied to know that it is now possible to find the Shiny Mega Charizard Y and X respective; the different Shiny Charizard versions. Moreover, you can identify the Charizard using their distinguishable features. This will give you a lead to catch the shiny Charizard correctly and quickly. Here is everything you need to know about the Shiny Charizard and the ways to catch them.

How to identify a shiny Charizard?

Basically, two shiny Charizard versions are there in Pokemon Go – mega Charizard X and mega Charizard Y. The first Charizard appears greenish with wings having crimson color, while the latter has purple skin and wings colored as crimson same as that of shiny mega Charizard X.

Besides this, both the Charizard have a thing in common that is their form revert property. Both of them turn back to dark color; in their original form. So, 200 Mega energy is required to revert them back to the Shiny Mega Charizard version. However, the reverting back process requires 40 Mega energy.

How to catch Shiny Charizard?

The Mega Raid plays an important role in catching a shiny Charizard. Another thing that has a major role is the trainers luck. If the trainer is lucky enough, it will find and catch one Shiny Charizard in the mega raid. However, the possibility of this is very less.

Besides this, you can go with the shiny check method in Pokemon Go. It is faster than the encounter method. Using the best spoofing equipment can also help you to catch the Charizard you want. Don’t go for catching every Pokemon to check whether it’s the Shiny Charizard or not. You can also use the AR mode for better experience. Furthermore, know your location and it’s surrounding so that you can find the best route alongwith the best catching tools.

Final Words

So, after going through the information given above, you must have got a fair idea about catching the shiny Charizard versions. Try to avoid the encountering method, as it is based on luck more than skills. However, there is always a less chance of catching a shiny Charizard in Pokemon Go. But, using the identifying features and catching methods, you can succeed in your gameplay.


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