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Beginners Guide: Basic Tips and Tricks for Pokemon Go 2022

Pokemon Go was released in 2016 and since then it has won millions of hearts and players every day. It is one of the most favourite games of every gamer. Its worldwide popularity has led the makers to keep on updating and adding new features and Pokemons to the game. However, the rules for the game is simple and has easy to use interface for beginners. You need to look for different Pokemons and catch them, gather necessary tools and keep yourself upto date.

But, if you want to become a pro player, you have to be good with your basics and learn all the features from the scratch. Here’s is a beginner guide that includes the tips and tricks for Pokemon Go 2022.

The basic level tips and tricks for Pokemon Go 2022

As mentioned above, Pokemon Go is a simple game. But there are challanges in the game which requires special features to overcome them. Thus, Pokemon Go 2022 newbies must follow the tips given below for a better gameplay.

1. Settings adjustment

It is the first thing to do before starting the game. Adjust your settings which is available on the main screen. Click on the Poke ball option and then the settings options present at the right side of the main screen. You will find numerous options that can get changed according to your preference and gaming style.

2. Finalizing the Starter Pokemon

After adjusting the Settings, you need to select a starter Pokemon. You can choose any one from the 3 Pokemons given in the starter option. However, all the three are same, the only difference is their appearance. So, choosing any one from them will not affect your game.

3. Find and catch the first Pokemon

The third tip is the most important one. Here, you have to find and catch the first Pokemon using the Poke balls. Poke balls are available at poke stops and poke gyms. Using the best poke balls increases the chances of catching your Pokemons. Checkout your surroundings and be quick because the Pokemon are very flexible. They don’t stay at the same place for long.

4. Increment in the trainer’s level

Raising the trainer level is also a golden tip for the beginners. It comes with a few important points. That’s why, increasing the level and combat power will help you to catch the latest and most powerful Pokemons in the game.

5. Make your Pokemon strong

The easiest way of making the Pokemon strong enough is to raise the combat power. It transforms the selected Pokemon into a powerful one. Besides this, you can try out adding new friends, sharing presents and hatching eggs. These are also a good way of transforming the standard Pokemons to reach the maximum power or XP.

This is all for the new comers of the Pokemon Go 2022 world. Use these tips and trick to shine in your game as a beginner.

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