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Red Dead Redemption 2: The Goodbye, Dear Friend Series is All Time Favourite?

One of the most interesting and major missions in Red Dead Redemption 2 is Goodbye, Dear Friend. In this mission, the main character Colm O’ Driscoll is sent to prison and others named as Arthur, Sadie and Dutch are seen heading towards Saint Denis for witnessing execution. This is how the story takes place. Let’s read about the beautiful masterpiece in details.

What is Goodbye, Dear Friend all about?

At first, you will meet Dutch and Sadie in Saint Denis. After that you need to follow them closely while they move to the place where execution will happen. Later on , you will notice Dutch and some bandits having a deep conversation. You have to list to the conversation secretly. Once you rae done with this, go upstairs and them down to the hall. A woman in red dress will be standing in your way and you have to pass her to reach the floor next to her.

Once you reach the floor, you have to open the door infront and turn to your right to walk through the rooftop. At the end you will find a bag. Collect the bag and move to the building. At the same time, group members of O’Driscoll will attack Arthur. You only focus on your mission, defeat your enemies and witness the execution going on.

Moving onto the next part of the game. Here, Adie and Dutch has to get covered. The player must kill all the enemies. After winning the battle, you mission wil get completed successfully and you can go back to the camp happily.

Gold medals in Goodbye, Dear Friend?

You can get the gold medals in Goodbye, Dear Friend after Colm’s comeback in 45 seconds. Again, you have to listen to the bandits’ conversation. Then, move upstairs and repeat the same path of going to the rooftop to get a hostile sniper.

Use the Dead eye without thinking twice and go for eight headshots using the scoped rifle. Make sure you complete the mission within 6:30 minutes’ to win a gold medal.

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