How to Redeem The Active Codes in Holy War 3 Roblox?

Holy War 3, an action RPG is based on the popular anime named Seven Deadly Sins. The game allows you to create your own character to explore a world of adventures and various quests. Holy War 3 Roblox is all about increasing your character’s stats equipment, weapons and become the most powerful warrior, thus raising the overall level. You will find many codes that gets used in Holy War 3. Here is the collection of the active codes so that you can get free stat, XP, Gold’s and spins. Let’s begin with the most significant portion of this article; the list of active codes in the game.

Holy War 3 Codes in Roblox

How to Redeem The Active Codes in Holy War 3 Roblox? IMG 20220817 210717 300x162

Before using the codes make sure to know their significance and write their names as mentioned below. You can simply copy and paste the names from here. However, no one except the Holy War 3 Roblox creater can activate and deactivate the codes. The codes are as follows-

RICHEXPYUH – Gilthunder Armour Code

BIGUPDERACE – Spins code

MCGREGORW – Zeldris Armour code


MORNMAGIC – Spins code

MORNRACE – Spins code

RESETME9 – Reset stats code

GENEROUSR – Spins code

NPCSFIXED – Spins code

RETURNOFTHEGOAT – Sacred Treasure code

GENEROUSM – Spins code

SPECIALFIT – Special Armour Code

BEENAWAY – Spin code


GHOSTLY – experience points

OVERRATED – experience

SUM1 – spins

SUM2 – spins

KNIF2 – spins

KNIF – spins

BIGGUNS1 – Use this code to Redeem spins

BIGGUNS2 – Use this code to Redeem spins

APPLE4 – Use this code to Redeem Exp

RACEMILLY – race spins

MAGICMILLY – race spins

HWXSOON1 – race spins

HWXSOON2 – race spins

How to use or redeem the Holy War 3 codes?

How to Redeem The Active Codes in Holy War 3 Roblox? IMG 20220817 210736 300x168

– Download the game

– Go to Spin section and select the customize menu

– You will find a “CODES” written in a box, at the lower corner of the screen, next to your character in Holy War 3.

– Copy and Paste any code you want and press enter to redeem it.

Last Words

In case you find that any of these codes is not working, then these are the reasons. The first possibility is that the codes must have expired. Its because the codes expire very soon. Sometimes they are available for a couple of hours and you don’t even know. So, be quick and updated so that you can claim those codes on time. Besides this, there might be a spelling mistake while writing the codes. That’s why you need to copy paste it correctly. So, always look for a new notification and be quick with your actions.

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