Marble Blast Ultra : A Green Flag or A Red Flag?

Marble Blast Ultra, also known as Super Monkey Ball game, offers some challanging games. There are 60 levels, divided into 3 tiers, the tiers being quite difficult to solve. As a player, you main aim is to roll the marble to the end point in lesser time. On the other hand, you should collect some gems before it gets out of the way. The game is decent and good with various challanges but one thing that disappoints is its quality compared to other puzzle games. Go through the article to know more about Marble Ultra Blast.  Marble Blast Ultra : A Green Flag or A Red Flag? Marble Blast Ultra 2

Things to know about Marble Blast Ultra

Although it’s known as the Monkey Ball game, but there are no bananas here for the monkeys. The game puts you in a situation where the marbles control you. The marbles get rolled using some analog stick and you get some buttons too. The jump button helps you to jump higher and decrease your overall timing. Besides this, there are other features such as superjumps, power and speed boosters and much more. If you choose the single player mode then you have to compete against a click.

Moving onto the difficulty level, so the first twenty levels will seem easy. But, after that the easy levels turn into moderate and then I to difficult. When you reach level 40, you find out the real challange and struggle. It becomes tougher to finish the levels in less time. Moreover, the game provides a set time that you have to beat in order to win the particular level. You time then gets uploaded to online leaderboard. This brings out the multiplayer ranks.  Marble Blast Ultra : A Green Flag or A Red Flag? 704766 930825 20051220 002

Some extraordinary features of Marble Blast Ultra

Apart from the normal features, the game has a few unique characteristics compared to other puzzle games. It has 10 maps and allows 8 players to play at a time. You have to compete in groups to collect the gems. There is a time limit for that. You can push the blast moves towards the other rolling marbles.

Although the game provides alot of things but it is not that fun to play due to the lack of variety. The graphics is good and generic. The marbles look cool and the surrounding is quite basic. Overall its a beautiful game but the weak multiplayer somewhere disappoints the gamers. If you want you can start with an free demo and analyse the game in your way.  Marble Blast Ultra : A Green Flag or A Red Flag? 78296062a5af9cbc1951bd96c5571d7d

The game is almost as the player believe to be but the conclusion of the game is all about  the gameplay experience in the platform of Xbox 360. Above these points the game can get more immersive than what it looks like and helming to the game side and developers.

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