Pokemon Go – How to catch Tynamo & Evolve ?

Pokemon Go has become one of the best and most downloaded mobile games of all time. For its millions of users, the game is getting more challenging and more entertaining to play with its new characters like Shiny Rain Form Castform and the new Tynamo. Every trainer in the game needs an improvement towards the character that they play. In  the game of Pokemon Go, catch a Tynamo and evolve it is process of time taking but the result is aggressive and beautiful while facing your opponent while fighting.


Pokemon GO: How To Catch & Evolve Tynamo

The Players are needed some information before catching the Tynamo character in order to evolve too into an Eelektross in Pokemon Go and it’s a bit more challenging than like seems. Every player or the trainer wants a living life of the mantra of Gotta catch ’em’. In Pokemon Go, over 891 pocket monsters for trainers to catch every character is difficult to trace and track every pokemon.


Pokemon Go – How to catch Tynamo & Evolve ? How To Catch Tynamo

Tynamo is easily but in a strategic way are original can be availed by a special event called Charge Up. Mainly, it occurs back every March, before that it was available as Research Task Reward which came from eggs, and now it is not easy to find.

Search Tynamo when the weather is in Raining condition

Pokemon Go has weather same as the real-world affections and which types of Pokemon Go characters can be seen in the Pokemon show. Trainers are warned that during catching the Tynamo they should make sure that you should have an umbrella to catch Tynamo as other Electric types of Pokemon Go appear mostly in the rainy weather.

Search Tynamo in The Perfect Environment

The Pokemon in the Pokemon Go are likely to be said that they appear in an environment which is the specific inside the game. Mostly the surrounding depends upon the natural elements of the specific area. Trainers get easily a water types Pokemon near a lake very easily rather than that fighting types Pokemon are easily found at sports stadiums or large gyms nearest to you inside the game.

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Note: Tyanamo as an Eelektrik-types of Pokemon are mostly seen in areas of industrial areas. 

Also, school campuses place with concrete typically in dryer areas but not in the places nearer to the industrial parks.

Having the Right Tools for the Hunt

Tynamo is a Pokemon which is only available 10% of the chance to get to a trainer, but trainers will have to make sure that every strategy and tool is necessary especially lucky enough for a shiny one. Trainers should make sure to hold or use a Razz Berry as well as Great Ball but also Ultra Balls with a curveball will have a guarantee or the highest chance of success.

How to Evolve Tynamo

Trainers are informed that Tynamo is three-stage evolution in Pokemon Go meanwhile, trainers will need some evolve it twice to get an Eelektross. It’s is also worth and notable that Eelektrik type Pokemon doesn’t appear in the open wild so players have other choices to evolve it. They should have a quite a few Tynamo candies and even other special items in order to do it.

  • Tynamo – Eelektrik: 25 Candies
  • Eelektrik – Eelektross: 100 Candies + Unova Stone

Ways to get candies quickly:

  • By making Eelektrik, Eelektross and Tynamo their buddy or a walking buddy.
  • Evolve the Professor Willow and transferring the Tynamo.
  • Giving Tynamo to the other trainers. 
  • Before catching a Tynamo using a Silver Pinap Berry.
  • Using Rare Candies.


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