Xiaomi Mi A3 Pro 8/256GB | Price, Specifications, and many more..

The Xiaomi Mi A3 Pro is a 6.39-inch display weighing 179g and weighing 156.8 х 74.5 х 8.67mm. The LCD screen has a resolution of 2340×1080 pixels and the image is bright and vivid. The rear camera has a 48Mp Sony IMX586 sensor. The front camera of the 32Mp sensor also supports high quality selfies.
The release date for Xiaomi Mi A3 Pro is April 2020. Also, the following technical features of the device are 8GB RAM and 256GB internal storage. It works with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 chip processor. This model is perfect for those who are used to Android 9.0 OS. The price of the device is so cheap that it’s worth buying right now.

The Xiaomi Mi A3 Pro has two SIM cards, which can be used by different operators, and two numbers.

However, 5G is not supported and should be worked at standard speed.

You can increase the space available on the Xiaomi Mi A3 Pro by inserting a micro SD memory card.

The headphone jack is standard equipment and can connect a 3.5 mm output headset without an adapter.

Xiaomi Mi A3 Pro 8/256GB | Price, Specifications, and many more.. xiaomi mi a3 une

Xiaomi Mi A3 Pro supports NFC so you can use NFC to pay for your purchase.

It is equipped with an infrared port so it can be used as a control panel.

Battery capacity Xiaomi Mi A3 Pro is the same as 4030mAh. Fast charging is supported, so it doesn’t take long. There is no wireless charging, but its lack is not important in this price range.

Smartphones are not waterproof and should not be submerged or taken to the shower. This is common in this price range.

Mi A3 pro is a Xiaomi smartphone that was launched in July 2019. Equipped with a 6.01 inch HD + display, it weighs 8.5 mm and weighs 173.8 g. Android smartphone with Snapdragon 665 and low end class processing performance.

Mi A3 Features and Overview


Mi A3 is an Android One smartphone released by Xiaomi globally.

Android One is the manufacturer’s custom-free Google genuine OS, which is characterized by guaranteed software updates and ease of operation.

Also Google Genuine Pixel 3a. It will be a brotherhood of. However, the catalog spec is a good win.


Xiaomi Mi A3 Pro 8/256GB | Price, Specifications, and many more.. Xiaomi Mi A3

Equipped with an organic EL display and an in-screen fingerprint authentication sensor, the 4030mAh battery also supports rapid charging. Kospa is outstanding.

Is the camera performance considerable?

Mi A3 is equipped with a triple camera.

It supports 48MP + 8MP +2MP and supports a wide range of applications such as ultra-wide-angle shooting and portrait mode.

The resolution of the selfie camera is amazing

Mi A3 has a pretty good selfie camera resolution of 32MP.

It has AI and will also be automatically beautified.



Mi A3 has a chipset (SoC) but Snapdragon 665 and memory ( RAM) 4GB. It is generally said that 4GB of smartphone memory is sufficient. It is known that too few memory can cause slow operation when you launch multiple apps or open multiple tabs, and conversely, when there is a lot of memory, power consumption increases.

We will check the benchmark score.


Xiaomi Mi A3 Pro 8/256GB | Price, Specifications, and many more.. antuntu logo ocg

The Antutu score is a rating point that shows the overall performance of a smartphone, including 3D performance, UX speed, CPU performance and RAM performance.

Antutu score ( version 7 ): 125000

Mi A3 is as of 2021It is a performance that makes me feel a little dissatisfied.It’s a good idea for people who don’t play the game and want to buy the cheapest device possible because it can be a little more in action.


Xiaomi Mi A3 Pro 8/256GB | Price, Specifications, and many more.. geekbench

Unlike Antutu, which measures overall performance, Geekbench score is the CPU performance, which is represented by a single score of core and a multi-score of the entire CPU.

Single score: 1496
Multi score: 5426

Xiaomi Mi A3 Pro 8/256GB | Price, Specifications, and many more.. 18f5bb84a320b83ce4679971abd7d0cc


Mi A3 4 GB/ 64 GB The price at the time of the release of the model was about 30,000 yen in Japanese yen, $ 215.49, 17554.11. Please refer to the information when purchasing.

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