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7 Top Sites That Let You Create Your Own Cartoon Avatars From Your Photos

Cartoon Avatars has become one of the most remembered spending hours on sites which entertains and make your own cartoon avatars within a couple of minutes. Now you can make your own cartoon characters with just a touch of seconds depending on your ISPs and it is easy just to upload your photo the scanning technology of the these mentioned below sites will enhance your photo to a cartoon avatar.

These are the list of the 7 Top Sites that lets you to create your own Cartoon Avatar

1. BeFunky

BeFunky has got its tagline from its processing of photos and the enhancement of the application. This application just needs your photo and you have to just upload it and in one click your photo gets converted to your own Cartoon Avatar. This app also has a lot of filters for your experiment purpose, and the user interface is a lot more like a professional photo studio application but it is simple to interface.


This site has a simple interface and a simple photo to upload and the Cartoon Avatar processes that let you choose between two colours black and white or a full coloured. This site follows a similar art style and a comic book style. Its user interface is easy to use.

3. Photolamus

This site has Cartoon Avatars which are a little complicated to see but the site accepts only photos of people and the art style is similar to exaggerated ones. The exaggerated features are like a change of eyes and ears that can be done manually and are similar to the caricatures in tourist hotspots. The site also has premium services inside the premium section of this site.

4. Avatar Generator

The site’s name tells us about the purpose of the work it does and the name is not so creative if you read. This site gets your job done and all cartoon avatars are available the user interface of the site is quite an old early 2000s internet interface.

5. SP-Studio

This site is an abbreviation of SP and SP stands for South Park, this site’s user interface is like a cartoon from Colorado. The site allows all users to create an avatar and change the style the user wants to see. The art quality is really high grade and looks just as the characters are seen like, and all total features on this site are free of use.


This site has worked on cartoon avatar photos of every and any kind of photo, also includes photos of people to make your own cartoon avatar look like these samples and other photos of landscapes, buildings, cars, pets, etc.

7. Zmoji

Zmoji is an application that has access to more than 1000+ samples of cartoon avatars and the site allows you to create your own cartoon avatar. The app also allows customizable personal cartoon avatars manually can be used and well user interface can be seen by the integrated keyboard which makes it easier for the images to change as you require it.

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