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Clash of Clans: Battle Machine and its Features

Clash of Clans is popular for its Builder Base heroes that players love the most. Over the years, four heroes have been introduced in the game. Among all, only the Battle Machine is now available. The Master Builder, living in Builder Hall, controls the Battle Machine. In this article, you will learn about different aspects of Battle Machine in Clash of Clans. Read the article and let us know what you think.

Battle Machine in Clash of Clans

Battle Machine, the single hero of Clash of Clans’ Builder Base, does significant damage to buildings. It breaks them into bits with seconds. Furthermore, Battle Machine can use the damaging ability unlimited times in a single attack. This Master builder’s reward is enough for the enemies to get scared.

Unlocking Battle Machine in Clash of Clans

You can unlock the Battle Machine by rebuilding it’s altar. It will cost around 900000 builder Elixir. It is the only one targeting hero and can get unlocked only after you touch level 5 that is the Builder Hall 5.

Other features of Battle Machine in Clash of Clans

So, the first one is the machine’s ability known as the Electric Hammer. This ability helps to increase the damage for 3 continuous attacks. Besides this, it also regenerates the Battle Machine’s health. The main work of this ability is to strike apartments and troops of its foes. As a result, it causes huge damage. As mentioned above, you can unlock the Battle Machine’s ability after reaching Builder Hall 5th level.

Next comes the regeneration time. This time depends on damages caused by the various attacks. Battle Machine takes lesser time to regenerate if it don’t get affected by the attacks. But, if any damage occurs, Battle Machine will take alot of regeneration time

Now, its your turn to get back to the game and use the Battle Machine smoothly. Stay tuned on Gamingtechnologynews.com for more update.


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