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Is Rhythm Zone for Windows Worth Playing?

Have you played any music or rhythm games? Well, these games are available in numbers, with different franchises competing to become the nest. That’s why, it is always difficult for any new music game to come and earn good. One such game developed by Sonic Boom Games is the Rhythm Zone. It is a Guitar Hero style titled game available on Steam. Rhythm Zone for Windows is build on unique ideas but it’s execution is somewhere considered disappointing. This article is a complete review of the game Rhythm Zone, with its good and bad features. So, don’t miss out any point!

What is the game all about?

Basically, Rhythm Zone is not anything different from other music games available in the market. You will find colored notes, moving towards you from the screen’s top end. All you need to do is just press the corresponding keys when the notes are crossing over to reach the bottom. Among all, the notes that can trouble your are either A,D,F,S or J,K,L and a semicolon. Upon hitting a silver note, the game’s focus meter will move to the right. After that you have to activate the power to increase the power of the multiplier; that gets required when you hit multiple notes together.

The most amazing fact about this game is that you can upload your type of music in it. The music of your choice will play in Rhythm Zone. Once you start playing it, the never ending songs will make you addicted to the game. However, there are four hard levels to distract you. Apart from this, the game is good with its accuracy in creating notes in less time. But again, creating notes for new songs is same in all the music games.

Problems in Rhythm Zone for Windows

One of the problems of Rhythm Zone is its not analysing everything about a song. So, it affects its gameplay. You won’t find anything interesting or fun to do there. Tha game is just similar to all other music games, no uniqueness no iconic pattern at all. Moreover, it doesn’t show the songs melody. Another issue is its limited featured songs. There are only eight of them and only one is available for free. The rest seven needs to get downloaded. Although it’s a ten dollars game, but it must have atleast some more tracks. Besides this, the lack of modes in the game troubles the most.

Final Words

So, the overall idea behind the development of Rhythm Zone is good but again the execution did not satisfy the players. Since there are so many issues, the game did not hit the mark of expectations. Rhythm Zone is not a bad game. Its just that alot more is expected in ten dollars.

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