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A Review on Cookie Duck Games: Must Playable or Not!

If we talk about the titles of video games, there are a few of them that are unique and are enough to explain what the game is exactly about. One such game is the Cookie Duck Games. It has a simple title that lets you know the simplicity of the game. In this game, you get to play as a duck. However, there is much more to know about the cookie duck games that the title does not portray. Although the title is basic, but the game is quite interesting and amazing. Read the article till the end to know about Cookie Duck Games.

What is Cookie Duck Game all about?

In Duck games, you will find 2 opposing halves, contributing to the complete cookie duck game. In the first half, there is a single screen multiplayer game while in the other half, there are difficult single player challenge series. The first one is the main plot of Cookie duck games, and the latter involves the application of what you have learnt so far.
Like other games of the same genre, Cookie Duck Games also incorporates the mechanic of the hit kills at one shot. The multiplayer maps available in the game are complex and well designed for about four players to play at a time. Apart from this, the game comes with a huge variety of arenas, starting from the wide platform heavy to duelling dotted with ice ramps.

Features of the Cookie Duck Games

Taking about the features, the game has various weapons and extraordinary items for rampant duck hunting. It has long range rifles, ice guns, flame throwers, longswords and trip mines in the collection of weapons. Some are easy to use while the others require skills and knowledge before using them. It offers a fun time with friends sort of thing in a world of plenty of strategic and tactical games.
Apart from the competitive multiplayer feature, Cookie Duck Games have arcade challanges that provides a training ground for the players. Completing the multiple tasks available in the game’s rewards you with some tickets that can get exchanged for any modifiers in gameplay.

Final Words

Cookie Duck Game is a complete package of fun and challanges on Switch. If you have a Joy Con support then the game is perfect for you to play with a friend anytime you want. So, go through the required instructions of the gameplay and start your forst AI mode Duck game match with your opponents cum friends today.
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