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Starbucks and Apple Pay Collaboration? Will Starbucks Accept Apple Pay?

What do you think about having a Starbucks coffee sitting at home using your Apple pay? Well, it seems to be possible now. Is Starbucks starting to accept Apple pay from this year? It is the most asked question currently. People are curious to know the answer as soon as possible. It would be magical if you get to order your to fulfill your Starbucks cravings even if you forget to carry your wallet.

This article will let you know your answer; whether Starbucks accepts Payment through Apple devices or not. All the details are given below, so don’t miss out on this!

Starbucks to start accepting Apple pay?

Starbucks is one of the most popular brand for offering great drinks and satisfying food. The menu is full of numerous delicious items, attracting millions of people. If we talk about the payment method then yes, Starbucks accepts Apple pay by their customers.

If you are someone who are pro at forgetting things such as your wallet or purses at home, then this is the best news for you today. Going out cashless will make you feel helpless at some places. But, no more worries because Starbucks have come up with this great thing. You can now place your orders through drive- thru, online or even in house. Starbucks will provide its best ever services to its customers that are willing to pay using Apple pay. Apple pay payment method was welcomed in 2015 but now it is available everywhere.


This collaboration between the two apps have been working great since 2015. That’s why, the owners have decided to welcome it everywhere, for everyone struggling with the Apple pay issue.

The owner mentioned, “The real question is whether or not Starbucks will update their POS, to allow Apple Pay to be used to pay for coffee, versus just loading the card. This is unlikely, in my opinion, as Starbucks has worked long and hard to gain visibility into what gets spent, why, where and by whom. Apple Pay at the register would interrupt this data collection.”


So, enjoy this news and don’t hesitate to order your favorite drinks even if you forget your money at home!

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