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Micro USB Can Now transfer Data? Find Out the Best USB Cables for Charging and Data Transfer

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Everyone is familiar with the use of type C cables and it’s trend going on these days. The micro USB cables have taken over people’s hearts. Starting with its compatibility to its multiple uses, you can find it easy to use in power banks, speakers, tablets laptops as well as headphones. Thus, it is a must have accessory for people using all these gadgets. Currently, the micro USB has brought an order to data transfer cables besides charging. You can transfer important data from any android device to the other. However, these cables are cheaper than other accessories having the same purpose. If you are also looking for such cool product with various benefits, read the article till the end. Here are five best types of micro USB data transfer cable for you guys along with its features.

Top five micro USB picks to make your decision easy

1. PTron Solero Lite Fast Charging Micro USB Cable

This USB cable charges your phone 30% faster than any other charging cable. You will find the wires are tin plated with copper and a design with 90 degrees. The cable not only charges your phone but also helps in transferring the data from Android device with about 480mbps speed. It is tagged as the best after passing various quality tests like USB inserts and salt sprays.

2. Mi 2 in 1 USB Cable

Moving onto the next, so this cable has a limited warranty of 6 months. It comes with a sturdy design adn 250D nylon that helps it to withstand any type of destruction. You can consider it to be in the top five cables. These cables are easily available in the market.

3. Ambrane CBM 15 Braided Micro USB Cable

Made up of a tough material, this cable features faster charging speed. It charging speed is 2.4A and data transfer takes 480mbps. One special feature of this cable is that it is 1.5 meters long, this making it a convenient charging accessory. This cable too have 6 months warranty.

4. Double Braided Nylon Micro USB Charging Cable

Talking about this USB, so, it is a good option for charging power banks, tablets and phones. Like others, this cable too have 480 mbps data transfer speed. The wires are gold plated and have double braided fibre of nylon covering its exterior. This makes it resistance against corrosion. Its length is 6 feet and comes with a warranty of one year.

5. Boat Rugged v3 Extra Tough Unbreakable Braided Micro USB Cable

It is a unique cable with tougher polythene terephthalate skin. It ensures more than 10000 bend life-span. You can use it with different android devices, windows devices, tablets as well as other micro USB devices. The cable has the most amount of warranty period that is 2 years.

So, these were the best micro USB data transfer cables. Pick the best one according to your requirements.

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