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Need For Speed Heat: Any Cheat Codes available? How to Use Them in PS4?

Have you ever faced a situation where after a point you cannot move to the next level in a video game? Well, it might be quite common for most players. This is the situation where you need some cheat codes to complete the further levels and win the game. The cheat codes are nothing but a series of button presses that helps you to cross any obstacle while playing the game. Here’s everything you need to know about the cheat codes in Need For Speed Heat PS4.

Is there any cheat code in Need For Speed Heat?

Yes, NFS Heat has cheat codes available. These codes are visible when you press Options button and choose Cheats. The cheat codes appear on your screen. After entering them, you will find them available whenever required. Also, make sure to Exit after using the codes otherwise the game will keep using it automatically.

How to use the cheat codes in Need For Speed Heat in PS ?

Follow the given ways to apply the codes in Need For Speed Heat in PS4.

1. Move to the main menu and select Options. After that find Gameplay and select Cheats. Press the Enter Cheat Codes button to apply the code.

2. Another method is applied while playing the game itself. When you are playing NFS, you need to click several buttons at the very same time, that is, the Up, Right, Left, Square, Down and Triangle buttons. A cheat menu will pop up for ypu to use the codes.

3. If you are using Xbox, you have to press and hold the left button of the Xbox 360 controller and then choose the Cheats option available in the main menu. After that, select the Enter Cheat Codes option and click on it.

Final Words

Apart from the above mentioned ways, you can go for some different ones too. One of the most common method is to type Cheat on your console following the code you want to use. You can also use the Backspace button by holding it down when your game is being loaded. Besides this, you can enter a CD into your PC and run the game using the disc. However, the best option is to keep experimenting different codes for better result. Not all codes work appropriately and quickly. So, its better if you try out various codes and find the best for you to use.

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