YouTube made short videos compatible with TV screens

YouTube made short videos compatible with TV screens on the 8th. In the future, the optimized design will allow short videos to be watched sequentially on TV.

Short videos were optimized for watching and creating videos on mobile devices, but they are also compatible with TV screens, which is “the fastest growing form of viewing today.” However, “it was not easy to adapt the vertical video format optimized for mobile devices to the big screen.”

Previously, it was played with the same UI as normal horizontal videos, but with the optimized design, the title and poster information will be displayed in an organized manner on the right side of the video. It was developed with the concept of “providing the same viewing experience as when watching short videos on mobile devices, while allowing videos to be displayed naturally on large screen TVs.”

The above is the screen that displayed the short video on the TV until now. Bottom optimized design
The results of user surveys were also used for development. “We found that watching short videos on a large screen has unique benefits, such as the convenience of watching with others and the comfortable viewing experience of a large screen,” he said. On the other hand, in order to maintain the essence of the short video of the vertical video platform on the big screen of the TV, we created three different design concepts and investigated the reaction to each.

Three different design concepts were also created. From the top, the traditional video player, customized to remove white space on the left and right of the video, and a “jukebox” style design.

A prototype of a conventional video player, one customized so that no blank space is displayed on the left and right of the video, and a design that utilizes the wide display area of ​​the TV screen like a “jukebox” to play multiple short videos simultaneously on the screen. . However, the jukebox type was not selected for reasons such as “it has become far from the essence of YouTube shorts that only plays one video at a time.” A customized design was adopted.

In terms of operation, “viewers have a desire to control their own viewing experience, and we also found that they prefer to manually play the next short video using the remote control rather than automatically playing the next video. ”.



The final design simplifies the right sidebar. On both sides of the video, the design is such that colors sampled from the video are displayed lightly. There are plans to add more features to the sidebar in the future.

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