Battlefield 6 must deliver five key things in order to save the series

Battlefield needs a comeback. How can Dice bring the series back to old strength? Here are a few must-haves for BF6.

Battlefield 6 is expected to be released in late 2021 and has a lot to make up for.

Battlefield 5 isn’t a bad game. However, it failed in many ways. now we want to talk about the successor. What does Battlefield 6 have to do so that fans are happy again, sales figures rise and the series find its way back to its great strengths?

Battlefield 6: What We Know About The Shooter So Far

Focus on the multiplayer

If you ask a Battlefield fan about the most important aspect of the game, “multiplayer” will almost certainly be one of the first words. Battlefield 6 has to go back to its core competence since the very first part: The large-scale PvP battles between up to 64 (or more in the future) players.

And it is precisely on this core competence that Dice has to throw all of its important development resources. Battlefield 5 made the mistake of trying to win on all fronts. In the end, a poorly staged story campaign came out, an almost ridiculous co-op mode and a battle royale that was forgotten as quickly as it came. Meanwhile, the multiplayer suffered from chronic content poverty and balance problems – BF6 must not repeat this mistake.

Battlefield 6 to Next-gen at the End of This Year, Bigger Than Ever

A deep weapon system

It seems almost paradoxical that in the meantime Call of Duty has left the former market leader Battlefield far behind in terms of equipment systems. The Gunsmith from Modern Warfare is a prime example of how free, deep and motivating a shooter arsenal can be these days: Hundreds of barrels, visors, magazines, laser pointers and even caliber conversions open up endless possibilities for combinations – and ensure a brief moment of happiness with every new unlock.

Meanwhile, BF5 took a step backwards and delivered a rudimentary attachment system at best, which left little variety and even less enthusiasm. Fans had to wait 13 months for some vehicle adaptations. Battlefield 6 urgently needs a new and, above all, motivating progression system that allows us to tinker with rifles, tanks, etc. as we like.

Constant content replenishment

Let’s not talk about it: The days of premium models or season passes and chargeable map packs are over once and for all. Instead, it has become customary to offer new content such as weapons or maps for free and to earn money with cosmetic content such as skins (often in the form of a battle pass). EA had already recognized this with Battlefield 5 and announced free content replenishment in the form of the Tides of War.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work – Maps came out months late ( or in a completely broken state ), planned features were canceled. Battlefield 6 therefore not only needs a robust but above all a realistic content schedule for the time after the release. This includes new locations, factions, modes, and also temporary events. Because even if not everyone likes it: In the age of service games, users always want to be kept happy.

Complex destruction

Battlefield not only stands for massive battles but also for impressive destruction – here you are not really safe even behind cover! Fans were particularly impressed by the detailed and physically correct damage model in Bad Company 2, where we were able to level entire houses to the ground for the first time.

This wow effect from back then has stuck in the minds of players to this day – and Battlefield 6 needs just such moments of amazement. The technical framework would definitely be there with the Frostbite engine:

With PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, developers have more powerful hardware at their disposal. A new battlefield for these next-gen platforms can and must therefore raise the technical bar. Better graphics are all well and good, but they wear out at some point. A state-of-the-art destruction engine, on the other hand, not only looks good, but would also make the gameplay more diverse and tactical.

Rainbow Six players know the difference a small bullet hole can make! Destruction on this small-scale level, coupled with the collapsing skyscrapers from the tech teaser, could make Battlefield 6 the next big tech hit everyone in the industry is talking about.

Battlefield 6: Level destruction reportedly much more extreme than in BF4

Modern setting

Okay yes, I know we have already talked extensively about the possible setting of Battlefield 6 and the only thing that is certain so far is that nothing is certain. Even so, the current fan trend is clear.

Historical scenarios such as the two world wars are now out again (and were recently only covered with BF1 and BF5), the sci-fi setting continues to eke out a niche existence, and “modern military” is enjoying great popularity again – as can be seen from the resounding success of CoD Modern Warfare can see.

Gamers are also calling for Battlefield to return to the present. And a modern setting would also have a number of other advantages: The variety of weapons and attachments is almost endless. You can open scenes all over the world without having to be restricted by historical circumstances. And modern war equipment such as helicopters can be easily reconciled with the scenario (while BF5 had to talk its way beyond prototype research ).


I admit it openly: Yes, I really had fun with Battlefield 5 for a while. Nevertheless, there was always the feeling that it couldn’t have been – the next update will be the big bang, the next map will finally be great, the Pacific update will save everything. In the end, it never came to that. Yes, BF5 is good, but also a shadow of what it could have been! The latent sense of disappointment can be felt almost everywhere in the community.

Battlefield 6, therefore, doesn’t have to be anything less than a reboot for the entire franchise. It is perhaps the last chance to reactivate loyal fans. For this, Dice has to do everything that the arsenal has to offer and what made the series once big and well-known. Because one further endless TTK debate and more map debacle, the series may not be able to withstand.




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  1. It doesn’t matter what they add or how great the game is, if it requires the use of Origin I simply will never buy it. They need to get rid of that sh!t.

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