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Co-op in Valheim: How to play with friends and open your own servers

You can play Valheim in different ways in co-op. We’ll tell you how to do this and how you can set up a dedicated server.

In Valheim you can not only fight for survival in the Nordic world all by yourself, but also in co-op with friends. There are various possiblities for that. Depending on how big your group of friends is, you either host a local game or set up a dedicated server.

This is how you host your game locally

The easiest method is to simply host a game on your own PC. This is very simple and well suited if you only play with one or two other friends. The best person to host the world is with the best PC and the most stable internet connection.


  • Creates a character
  • Select the “Start Game” tab in the main menu
  • Click on “New”
  • Give your world a name
  • Select the option »Start Server«
  • Start the game
  • With Shift + Tab you can invite your friends via your friends list
  • Alternatively, your friends should see your game under the “Join Game” tab

Dedicated servers for Valheim

If you are playing with a larger group, then it makes sense to set up a dedicated server on a PC. Ideally, you use a separate computer for this, the only function of which is to keep the Valheim server running. Setting everything up is way more complicated than just hosting a local game, however.


  • Look for the “Valheim Dedicated Server” tool in your Steam library and install it
  • Now you have to create a new world, or copy an existing one to the server. They are saved in the folder C: \ Users \ [USERNAME] \ AppData \ LocalLow \ IronGate \ Valheim \ worlds
  • Go to the folder \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ Valheim Dedicated Server
  • Opens the file »start_headless_server« in a text editor
  • Here you have to enter your desired information. Your server name comes after “-name”. Your world name after “-world” and your password after “-password”. After “-public” you can specify with a 0 or 1 whether the server should be publicly visible or not.
  • Server and world names must be different. Your password must not contain your server name or your world name.
  • Saves the file and backs it up as it is deleted after every game update.
  • Open the ports TCP / UDP 2456-2458 in your router and firewall
  • Start the server with a double click on »start_headless_server«
  • If your server is not public, players have to join it via the Steam server browser via IP.
  • The IP address of your server is its external IP followed by: 2457.


If you cannot provide enough resources for a dedicated server yourself, there are offers through which you can rent a Valheim server.

God in your own world

If you wish, you can be omnipotent on your own Valheim server. Not only do you have control over who can play on your world, but you can also influence the rules of the game. We’ll explain how in another article.

Valheim: Cheats and Console Commands – this is how you activate them

For example, you can become invulnerable, increase your skills at will, kill all enemies with a console command or start certain events on command.



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