CoD Warzone: Mid-Season-Update finally removes annoying Stim Glitch

The new patch for Call of Duty: Warzone finally throws the “Infinite Stim Exploit” out of the game and fixes other problems.

What a roller coaster of emotions: The “Infinite Stim Glitch” has become an annoying permanent guest in Call of Duty: Warzone. Players were able to heal themselves endlessly through a mistake, which not only led the game balance to absurdity, but also made it possible to survive in the otherwise deadly gas cloud, which makes the map in Battle Royale shrink ever more.

Actually, the bug had already been fixed, but players discovered an exploit that in principle enables the same procedure with a little more effort. Those times are now over: The current mid-season update eliminates the stim exploit and fixes bugs. Hopefully. Here you can find out everything about the patch notes.

The changes in the mid-season update

Here you can find out what the patch will change in Warzone. This mainly includes bug fixes and minor balance adjustments :


  • “Infinite Stim Glitch” fixed.
  • Match Bonus and Kill XP Reward in Kingslayer mode have been adjusted to the Verdansk Battle Royale.
  • The reload timing of Cold War weapons has been adjusted.
  • Certain Stitch Operator Missions should now correctly track progress.
  • The optics for the “Heavy Handed Sledgehammer” at the Gunsmith have been adjusted.
  • The incorrect display for the high prestige levels has been fixed so that the progress of the barracks now matches that in the menu banner.
  • Tier skips have been removed from the Modern Warfare bundles in the store.
  • The clock in the hot-shot bundle is now displayed correctly in the preview.
  • Small bugs in the store with images, icons and names have been fixed.
  • Fixed a crash at game start related to changes to Windows GDI32.


You can read the full patch notes from Cold War developer Treyarch. The stim glitch is by no means the only problem CoD Warzone is currently struggling with.


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