10 Most Played Games in Nintendo Switch (April 2023) – Get Set GO !!!

Despite being almost six years old, the Nintendo Switch Most Played Games is still going strong as evidenced by Nintendo’s financial report in November 2023, which showed an increase in hardware sales, particularly for the newer OLED model.

The reason for this success is straightforward: Nintendo’s exceptional collection of games, which only improved in quality in 2023. Although there were no new Mario or Zelda games released during the year, several remarkable titles were introduced to the hybrid console.

Top 10 Switch Games in Nintendo Switch 2023.

POKEMON LEGENDS Gamingtechnologynews.com  10 Most Played Games in Nintendo Switch (April 2023) – Get Set GO !!! POKEMON LEGENDS ARCEUS
Pokemon Legends Arceus – Gamingtechnologynews.com


Pokémon Legends: Arceus has been dubbed the “Breath of the Wild” of the Pokémon franchise due to its open-world game design. It is also considered to be one of the most ambitious installments in the franchise, as it explores the ancient history of the Pokémon universe, which is a first for the series.

In case you didn’t have the chance to play Arceus, imagine Pokémon combined with dodge rolls and crafting, resembling an action RPG rather than a turn-based one. While the game still includes the traditional turn-based battles and type advantages, it also introduced Strong- and Agile-Style moves that revamped the Poké-wheel. Additionally, the game encouraged players to capture as many different Pokémon as possible by shifting the focus from battling to capturing in a captivating open world.

10 Most Played Games in Nintendo Switch (April 2023) – Get Set GO !!! featured kirby forgotten land Gamingtechnologynews
Kirby Forgotten Land – Gamingtechnologynews.com


Kirby and the Forgotten Land reintroduces the classic Kirby adventures that have been absent from the franchise. In the game, Kirby is unexpectedly transported from Dream Land to the New World, where he embarks on a mission to rescue his Waddle Dee friends from this hostile universe and find his way back home. According to Chris Groux’s review for Inverse, although it is a 3D platformer, it does not incorporate the trendy open-world game design.

Players can anticipate encountering entertaining new abilities, discovering new areas, and even engaging in co-op play as a Waddle Dee with a friend.

Fire Emblem 3 Hopes Gamingtechnologynews.com  10 Most Played Games in Nintendo Switch (April 2023) – Get Set GO !!! fire emblem three hopes
Fire Emblem 3 Hopes Gamingtechnologynews.com


Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes places the beloved characters of Fire Emblem: Three Houses into an alternative world with a new villain, Byleth. Shez, a young mercenary who had a past with Byleth, seeks vengeance against the Ashen Demon after Byleth nearly kills them during a battle. Shez rescues the leaders of the three houses from a bandit attack, much like Byleth did in Three Houses, and enrolls in the Officer’s Academy. Shez then joins one of the three houses and becomes part of the fight for Fodlan.

However, Three Hopes differs from Fire Emblem: Three Houses in that it is a musou experience rather than a strategy RPG, and the level of romantic relationships between characters is toned down. As Shez, players can still bond with the characters and explore different aspects of their personalities, but it is all strictly platonic. Furthermore, the story spends less time on the academy days and focuses more on the war.

XENOBLADE CHRONICLES 3 Gamingtechnologynews.com  10 Most Played Games in Nintendo Switch (April 2023) – Get Set GO !!! XENOBLADE CHRONICLES 3
XENOBLADE CHRONICLES 3 Gamingtechnologynews.com


In Xenoblade Chronicles 3, six soldiers from opposing factions find themselves with a mysterious power called Ouroboros, which enables them to merge into powerful mech-like forms in pairs. As a result, they are forced to flee and go on the run.

However, it’s worth noting that Xenoblade Chronicles 3 had a significant emotional impact on our reviewer. Despite this, it remains one of their personal favorites due to the well-crafted story, character development, pacing, and overall elements that make for a truly captivating and heart-wrenching experience.

NINTENDO Switch Sports Gamingtechnologynews.com  10 Most Played Games in Nintendo Switch (April 2023) – Get Set GO !!! NINTENDO switch sports
NINTENDO Switch Sports Gamingtechnologynews.com


The new game, Nintendo Switch Sports, takes inspiration from the famous Wii Sports, which transformed Nintendo’s sports games and contributed to making the Wii an enormous success.

Nintendo Switch Sports employs motion controls to provide a realistic sports gaming experience, similar to Wii Sports. However, due to the motion controls, there is a possibility of causing chaos and potentially losing a Joy-Con or Switch controller. Despite this, players can enjoy a fun and alternative way of participating in sports such as bowling, baseball, and other activities without having to engage in them physically.

MARIO RABBIDS SPARKS OF HOPE  10 Most Played Games in Nintendo Switch (April 2023) – Get Set GO !!! MARIO RABBIDS SPARKS OF HOPE
MARIO RABBIDS SPARKS OF HOPE Gamingtechnologynews.com


The unexpected hit game, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, has received a sequel in the form of Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope. This new game is a tactical game that features popular characters from the Mario franchise, such as Mario, Luigi, Peach, Rosalina, and their Rabbid counterparts. Players will be able to use each character’s unique abilities to their advantage in turn-based battles that take place on a map similar to a chessboard. The objective is to defeat the Rabbid enemies and navigate through the strange, alternate universe.

BAYONETTA 3Gamingtechnologynews.com  10 Most Played Games in Nintendo Switch (April 2023) – Get Set GO !!! BAYONETTA 3
BAYONETTA 3 Gamingtechnologynews.com


Bayonetta 3 is still considered one of the top action RPGs of the year, despite the controversy surrounding its voice acting.

The game features both Bayonetta and a new character named Viola, who is clumsy yet endearing. The gameplay offers advanced and precise controls for combat, where dodging at the right moment activates Witch’s Time and using the new “Demon Masquerade” feature lets you summon demons to aid in battle. There are also many over-the-top cutscenes that may or may not meet your expectations.

The Legend of Heroes features Gamingtechnologynews.com  10 Most Played Games in Nintendo Switch (April 2023) – Get Set GO !!! TheLegendofHeroes features
The Legend of Heroes features Gamingtechnologynews.com


While some may find the connections to other Trails games like Trails of Cold Steel and Trails of Sky daunting, it’s worth noting that the game stands well on its own as a complete experience.

Trails From Zero features Detective Lloyd Banning who has been newly appointed to the Special Support Section of the police force. As a member of this section, he faces a wide range of challenges that include rescuing cats, saving lives, and uncovering a conspiracy of a cult that poses a threat to the world.
Persona 5 Royal Gamingtechnologynews.com  10 Most Played Games in Nintendo Switch (April 2023) – Get Set GO !!! Personan 5 Royal Gamingtechnologynews
Persona 5 Royal Gamingtechnologynews.com


In 2023, Nintendo fans will have the opportunity to experience the story of the Phantom Thieves from Persona 5 Royal, which was previously only available on PlayStation.

The protagonist, known as “The Joker,” has been expelled from his previous school for trying to stop a sexual assault and has now enrolled in a Tokyo high school. He becomes fast friends with the school’s outcasts and together, they stumble upon a strange app that teleports them into the twisted consciousness of a corrupt authority figure, where they must fight monsters. As Joker, you must navigate high school life while battling these subconscious demons.

Splatoon 3 Gamingtechnologynews.com  10 Most Played Games in Nintendo Switch (April 2023) – Get Set GO !!! Splatoon 3 Gamingtechnologynews
Splatoon 3 Gamingtechnologynews.com


Splatoon 3 is a multi-faceted game that serves as an eSport, meme marketplace, and enjoyable family game. This kid-friendly online shooter from Nintendo offers numerous quality-of-life improvements and a delightful story, making it the ultimate Splatoon experience.

If you’re not a fan of shooter games, Splatoon 3 could be the game to change your mind. With its unique gameplay, you don’t have to navigate through dull, dreary environments or worry about sneaky traps. Additionally, you might find the hilarious memes painted all over town by other players to be amusing.


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