Xbox ‘Deep Pink’ Gamepad Wireless Controller look likes swallowed by Kirby

Xbox ‘Deep Pink’ Gamepad is one the most significant video gaming gamepad of all time created and owned by Microsoft. Xbox has five platforms to interface with its games the platform, and all the development is done by Xbox Game Studios. Xbox has its unique collection of hardware and special colours Edition and other Edition.

Xbox had announced an Edition of ‘Deep Pink’ Xbox Gamepad Wireless Controller which is basically super pretty and also a kind of reminder for us of Kirby. Xbox announced this Deep Pin Edition on May 3, and this Xbox Gamepad Wireless Controller is different from the Xbox wired Controller. The Deep Pink controller is now available in stores to buy now for $64.99 from select retailers only.


The controller’s new design features of deep pink colour scheme and it gives hot pink vibes but it has a little bit sophisticated. Half of the bottom part is white and the rest buttons are the same as the berry colour on top of the controller. There are no worries and struggles to recognize of the buttons, the green, blue, yellow and red colours of the buttons and the other buttons appear in the middle as the A, B, Y, and X controls.

According to the Edition of the Deep Pink, the controller has a sculpted surface and a refined geometry for intense gaming and enhanced comfort. The colour introduce here Deep Pink has a smooth textured grip with a hybrid D-pad that helps the players to stay focused on the target. This Xbox Wireless Controller also has a Share button and it is easily paired with the Xbox Series X/S, PC, Android, and iOS.

It is to expect that if fans disagree about the Edition of Deep Pink, as many Twitter users shared about being a fan of Xbox this can be something and Microsoft had felt the need to release such Deep Pink Controllers for its games. 

The fact the Deep Pink Controller makes it look like the Nintendo has a mascot Kirby swallowed it to look like the Deep Pink Edition.

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