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Haldor in Valheim: This is how you find the dealer and he has it in the shop

How do you find the dealer Haldor in Valheim and what does he sell to you? We explain it to you in our guide.

The merchant Haldor is a blue-skinned dwarf who hides in the Black Forrest.

In the survival game Valheim there is a merchant named Haldor who can supply you with some exclusive items that you cannot find anywhere else in the whole game – including unique armor, special crafting materials and even fishing accessories.

In this article we explain to you where you can find the dealer Haldor in Valheim, what he has on offer and how you can get money to pay for everything.

How to find dealer Haldor in Valheim

To find Haldor, you have to go to the Biom Black Forest (Schwarzwald). You can do this by just walking straight ahead. Arrived in the Black Forest, you now have to search the area until you can see a backpack symbol on your map – the little blue-skinned dwarf Haldor is hiding here.

Before you start looking for him, you should ideally already have leather armor and a shield, because difficult opponents such as larger Greydwarf groups or skeletons lurk in the Black Forest.

You can buy this in Haldor’s shop

The dealer Haldor does not have many things to offer yet, which is also due to the early access of the game. In the future, it could well be that his offer will be expanded to include additional items and that some of the items can also be found in other ways.

The table below shows what you can currently buy from Haldor:


Price in coins


Yule Hat


Festive hat, purely cosmetic

Dverger Circlet


Helmet with built-in lighting that saves you the torch



Accessory that increases your weight limit from 300 to 450 points

Ymir Flesh


Crafting material for the Frostner silver club and the iron sledge

Fishing rod


Fishing rod that can be used to catch fish (food)

Fishing bait


Is required for using the fishing rod

This is how you earn coins for Haldor’s shop

In order to be able to buy the above items, you need coins. There are three ways to get this:

  1. Kill trolls! These large enemies typically drop a few coins when they die.
  2. Loot boxes! You can find these, for example, in dungeons or abandoned buildings that are everywhere in the game world.
  3. Sells gems! In the boxes you can find not only coins, but also rubies (rubies) and amber (amber). These have no other use than that you can sell them for coins at Haldor.


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