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Kill Valheim Troll: This is how you defeat powerful opponents

In our Valheim guide we tell you everything about the fight against trolls, troll caves, trophies and armor.

In Valheim you keep getting bullied by powerful trolls? Our guide will help you fight back!

You are currently in the process of making it really cozy in Valheim , collecting wood for your chic home that you built with our building tips – and suddenly you are struck down by a troll as tall as a house. Especially at the beginning this happens more often than you would like. But with our troll guide you can defeat the beasts even with beginner characters and then bag the valuable loot.

Where can you find trolls in Valheim?

Black Forest (Dark Forest): In the wild, you will likely encounter trolls if you are in or near the Black Forest.

Troll Cave: Alternatively, you can look for trolls directly in their caves, which you can also find in the Black Forest area and recognize them by the bones at the entrance. Here you will also find valuable loot (see below). However, there is also little space to dodge, which is why we do not recommend beginners to fight trolls directly in their caves.

Defeating trolls: this is how the fight works

With the right strategy, you can kill trolls with simple means despite their strength. The key to success is not to engage in hand-to-hand combat.

  • Away from the basics: Avoid fighting a troll near your wooden house – it will destroy it in a very short time .
  • The right weapon: Due to its heavy attacks (around 50 to 60 damage points without armor), you shouldn’t dare close combat against a troll, especially at the beginning. Better equip yourself with a bow. This already works with a simple starter raw bow and a few arrows, but at least a level 2 bow and flint arrows are recommended.
  • Keep your distance: At a distance of one or two troll lengths you fire your arrows at the troll until it strikes back or throws stones at you.
  • Evade: If he pulls out for a melee attack, it’s best to sprint out of the danger zone. You evade thrown objects with the roller (block + space bar and then left or right).

Armor, trophies and treasures: these rewards await you

It can be worthwhile to deliberately mess with trolls – because for the crisp level of difficulty you also get valuable loot. In addition to 20 to 30 coins, trolls also sell troll leather, which can be used to make troll armor – the direct upgrade to leather armor and the precursor to bronze armor. It consists of a helmet, cape, tunic and pants. The complete set gives you a stealth bonus of 25 percent.

There is also a certain probability that killed trolls will drop a troll trophy with which you can decorate your home and prove your skills as a troll hunter. 

If you clear your opponent’s troll cave after a fight , you will also find yellow mushrooms, coins, amber, amber beads and other loot there.

The best way to defeat trolls is in co-op with your Viking colleagues. How you set up your own server and play with friends , we summarize for you in another guide.


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