Mediatonic has plans to bring Fall Guys to Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

The developer expressed her desire to implement cross-play in all systems

Mediatonic didn’t have to wait long for Fall Guys to become a hit. Right after its premiere, it stole the attention of gamers, and while its popularity waned in the months that followed, it still enjoys its fair share of users. If you think that the game has stopped evolving, you are wrong, as Mediatonic has many interesting plans for the title and one of them is to bring it to other consoles.

In a recent chat with GamesIndustry.bizMediatonic co-founder and CEO Dave Bailey made it clear that the team so far has only “scratched the surface” of what the Bean Battle Royale has to offer and showed that there is a million ways to make Fall Guys the “greatest game show on Earth,” its original premise.

Precisely one of those ways is by taking the game to other systems and Mediatonic revealed that, although he has not said much about it, he is working hard to make it happen. Also, Mediatonic does not say it explicitly but it is clear that it refers to the other consoles available on the market today, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.

“We haven’t said much about the roadmap for this, but what we can say is that we want it to reach as many people as possible. We want it to reach all major platforms, and we are working hard to achieve that ”, commented the developer.


The good news did not end there, as the developer also showed that, along with the possible arrival of the game to other consoles, it also hopes to simultaneously implement cross-play between them so that users can play together without any hardware limitation. This option is already available between PC and PlayStation 4, but it would be a great feature that, in case of reaching Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, it is also possible to play with these users.

“We want to reach all the different platforms and we hope to connect those platforms so that people can play together. If we do that right, it can be a superpower for other ambitions around original games and that publishing business as well, ”said Bailey.

Do you expect Fall Guys to reach other platforms? What console would you buy it on? Tell us in the comments.

As Mediatonic mentions, not much has been said about the possible arrival of Fall Guys on other platforms. However, several tracks have excited fans about it. Several months ago clues came to light indicating that the game could come to Nintendo Switch and recently Xbox excited its users about an imminent debut of indie on their consoles, but it was all a mistake.

Fall Guys is available on PlayStation 4 and PC.


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