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Physics in Valheim: player falls a tree, clears half the forest at the same time

A player from the steam hit Valheim shows how dangerous it can be to try to fell a tree in the middle of a forest. The result ended in disaster.

A Valheim player was strangely killed by a tree.

The popular survival game Valheim surprises the players again and again. With physics, for example. Because if you want to cut a tree in the middle of a forest in the steam hit , you have to expect that more than just this tree will tip over.

Valheim player sails to the edge of the world – and immediately regrets it

Tree falls!

What did the player want to do? Valheim player CoreStrategy set out to cut trees in a forest. The wood is an important resource and is important for construction and crafting . However, things didn’t turn out so well for him.

The trees are always out to get me from valheim

What happened to the player? When the tree toppled over, it naturally hit the surrounding fir trees and tore them down with it. That started a chain reaction. More and more trees fell. CoreStrategy had no way of getting to safety at all.

It came as it had to, a tribe caught the Valheim fan and killed him.

How could that happen? Valheim uses a physics system in which objects interact, such as the trees in this case. If a tree falls and it meets another, then it pulls it with it. Just as it can happen in real life. It is entirely possible that this leads to his chain reaction like this.

The physics system from Valheim reacts a little strange, as can be seen in the video. The trees just find their way. The trunk that ultimately killed CoreStrategy should have fallen in a different direction, but was then pushed aside and landed directly on the player’s head.

What do we learn from this? Even if there are of course a lot of trees and therefore a lot of wood in a forest of the steam hit Valheim, you shouldn’t just put your ax everywhere. Find a piece of earth where there are not too many trees close together. The trunk should have enough space to fall freely.

Should a tree be swept away, then it’s time to run! Even if everything looks harmless. Otherwise something similar to the player in this story could happen to you:

Valheim player falls a tree, but the forest “turns” the tables

Valheim players have seen this enough themselves

How do the players react to that? The clip goes down well on Reddit and leads to some amusement.

Failure_Adjacent writes on Reddit :

“The way that one tree changed direction at the last second is just hilarious.”

inf3ct3dn0n4m3 can empathize on Reddit :

“I myself died more often from falling trees than usual …”

Cihonidas jokingly says on Reddit :

“The tree used an aimbot!”

Has something like this ever happened to you in the successful survival game Valheim? Let us know in the comments!


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