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Portals in Valheim: How to build them and unlock the fast travel

In our guide we explain how you create portals, unlock fast travel and what the catch is.

If you build portals in Valheim, you can get to the map faster.

In the huge open world of the steam hit Valheim , it can take a long time to get from A to B. Fortunately, the developers of the survival game have built in a way that you can teleport across the map at lightning speed.

In this guide, we explain how to activate the portals and thus the fast travel in Valheim and what you have to consider.

Portals and fast travel – this is how it works

The fast trip in Valheim works with portals that you can freely place in the game world. Then you have to assign a name by activating the portal with E.

If you set up a second portal and assign the same name to it, you can travel back and forth between the two portals by simply walking through it.

This is how you create the portals

You need the following materials to make a portal:

  • 10 Graydwarf Eyes
  • 20 Fine Wood
  • 2 surtling cores (surtling cores)

You can find Graydwarf eyes in the first biome, the grasslands. Just knock down a few Graydwarfs (not to be confused with Greylings!), They usually leave you one of their eyes.

For Fine Wood you need a bronze ax with which you have to cut down advanced trees like birches.

How to get to this tool and the surtling cores is explained in our guide to metal processing:

Tin, bronze & copper in Valheim: this is how metal processing works

Portals have a catch

However, the portals also have a catch, because you can not everything you collect at the other end of the card return, so in your base.

Any metal ingots and ores cannot be moved through the portals. These include tin (tin), copper (copper), bronze, iron (iron), silver (silver) and black metal scraps. This is especially annoying as metals weigh a lot and rare ores only appear in dangerous areas like the swamp or in the mountains. So currently you still have to use the cart for transport.


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