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Review: Gods Will Fall – Well, That Was a Mistake – Playstation 4

Last month, I attended Clever Beans’ press event about their new game Gods Will Fall. Then I also told you what my first impression was of the roguelite. Now I got the chance to play the game myself, so I can finally tell you if my first impression was correct. I can tell you at least one thing already: it was clear that the developer used Dark Souls as a source of inspiration for this game.


In terms of design and art style, Gods Will Fall is nothing like Dark Souls. Fortunately, because there are already plenty of Dark Souls rip-offs. But the vibe is certainly there. The longer you play the game, the safer and more tactical you will play, otherwise, you will really only die. If there’s one thing you shouldn’t do in this roguelite, it’s hurry. You never know in advance how strong the enemies you will encounter are. The first dungeon you enter can be the hardest right away. At the start of the game, you will therefore receive little explanation. The story of the eight warriors you can play with is briefly explained. This will teach you why they eventually decided to revolt against their evil gods. Then you are on the beach with your squad and you must immediately choose the first dungeon.

Fortunately, you can still play a kind of tutorial dungeon, where the basic controls of the game are explained. Here you will encounter a number of monsters, but they do not exactly prepare you for what is to come. When you are at the door of a dungeon, choose one warrior to send in. You have to make smart choices in this. Some warriors already have a history with one of the gods and can therefore have an advantage or a disadvantage in the dungeon of that god. In addition, each warrior has his own weapons, attacks and one is a lot faster than the other. You can only find out which warrior is best against which god by entering the dungeons and trying it out.


Trying out is basically what you spend most of the time playing this game. In my Gods Will Fall preview, I said the fight with the god we saw at the press event looked pretty easy. That was a big mistake. In total I defeated one or two gods, while I played the game for at least ten hours. And yet somehow it still remains fun. You just want to make it. The advantage is that you get to know the gods better if you keep getting killed by them.

If you don’t make it through a dungeon, two things can happen. The warrior can get stuck in the dungeon. In that case, you can get him or her back if you get the same dungeon with another warrior. On the other hand, the warrior can also be immediately dead. That happens when you lose the last bit of life through a “deadly attack” by a servant or a god himself. If the weapon you are attacking with glows red, then you know a deadly attack is coming. So that’s one thing to pay attention to. The game uses permadeath, so if you lose a warrior, he or she will not come back.


I think this review makes it clear that playing Gods Will Fall was not exactly a success for me. Still, I keep playing the game and I still like it. It’s just a real challenge. In addition, the control of the game is simple and smooth, so that is certainly not the problem. Visually, the game also looks good, although the design contains few details. The dungeons are all built a bit the same. They do have a different look, because they are all adapted to the god that lies within, but the structure is fairly the same. The warriors are also not very memorable in design, which is a shame.

Gods Will Fall actually gets more fun the longer you play. You get to know the attacks of your warriors and the gods. This allows you to anticipate it better. This way you can gradually weigh up your choices better. The only frustrating thing is that in the beginning you just really don’t know which god is mega strong and which one can be done, because this is completely random every playthrough. That also means that you often have the bad luck that the first dungeon you enter is one of the most difficult and that you sometimes have to leave warriors behind who get stuck. There are ten different gods you must defeat to complete the game. And that with eight warriors. Yes, prepare yourself for a lot of setbacks and often start over.



Gods Will Fall is certainly part of the difficulty of Dark Souls, as the developer indicated during the press event. If you like a real challenge this is definitely a game for you. Don’t expect to get through it right away, because you have to play a lot to get better at it. You have to get to know the characters and the enemies before you can make well-considered choices and thus progress. That keeps it interesting. The visual details could have been worked out a bit more, but in the end that’s not what the game is about, so it’s not disturbing that this hasn’t been done. You’re generally mostly concerned with trying not to die, so you probably wouldn’t notice those details anyway.






  • Challenge
  • Pleasant steering
  • Your choices shape the game
  • Gets more fun the longer you play


  • Few visual details
  • A little frustrating


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