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Review: Immortals Fenyx Rising: a New God – Still a Demigod – PlayStation 4

For hours I managed to enjoy myself with this divine game and the cake is not over yet, because the expansion A New God has already presented itself. The first of three DLC packages that are part of the season pass. Of course, I think it’s really cool that you read my review, but I advise you to stop reading here if you have not finished the game yet. Something with spoilers and stuff. So, now that the real gods have remained, it is time to see if the expansion also literally has added value.


Anyway, I now assume that you are already familiar with the course of the main story. As you know, our brave Fenyx found out that she has quite a famous father. Despite her heroic acts in the story of Immortals Phenyx Rising, she is not yet immortal. In order to be able to join the known gods, she must first prove herself once more to all these famous figures by doing tests. As long as she does not complete the assignments of Hephaistos, Athena, Aphrodite, Ares, Hermes, and supreme god Zeus, she does not acquire the status of god. So again an important task rests on her shoulders and it is up to you to bring it all to a successful conclusion.

The Golden Isle is exchanged for Olympus, where, as mentioned, you have to get a place in the Pantheon by impressing the gods. Almost immediately at the beginning of the dlc you notice that certain parts of the level that you have to traverse have been copied one by one from the main game. Not really a hopeful start to a promising DLC ​​adventure, but fortunately it stayed mainly with a number of parts in the beginning and the later levels and areas are new. Where on the Golden Isle you still regularly had to deal with demons and other wandering creatures, Olympus largely offers a peaceful stage. The focus in this expansion is therefore more on the puzzles.



In my opinion Immortals Fenyx Rising offered a nice balance between solving puzzles and fighting enemies mindlessly. This combination is therefore seriously altered in A New God. Although I was quite afraid of it, it actually did not oppose me. This is mainly because Ubisoft has also put more effort into the puzzles for this expansion. Where they were often a bit too easy in the main game, you usually have to put in a little more effort to solve them. This makes the puzzles a bit more entertaining than during the regular story, so you don’t really miss the combat in between. In addition, in A New God you have to occasionally refer a griffin to the gates of hell or make a Kerberos three cups smaller.

Very soon during your play session, new elements are introduced that give the puzzling more depth. For example, magnetic fields and blocks have been added. The magnetic fields can be set positive or negative and thereby pull a magnetic block towards itself or push it away from it. In addition, the puzzles in A New God feel a lot more thought through and there is also much more appeal to the unique skills that Fenyx possesses. This while in the main game you could mainly do it with some cleverness. It gives the puzzles just a little more dynamism and that is exactly what it lacked.


Yet there is still quite a lot to criticize about A New God. Immortals Fenyx Rising is a very nice game and that is partly due to the humor and the way in which the characters of the different characters are portrayed. Every god has his own way of doing things and you also noticed certain dynamics between the gods in the main game. Because you now have to solve puzzles for each god separately, this whole dynamic has actually disappeared and that is a great loss. There is hardly any interaction between the gods and the expansion stares blindly like Tiresias – yes, look it up – at the puzzle elements.

Greek mythology is bursting with interesting gods and Immortals Fenyx Rising zooms in on some of these immortals. You would expect an expansion to offer the perfect opportunity to add a number of gods that we didn’t see in the story at first, but apart from some weak hints to other gods like Poseidon, Triton and Apollo, it unfortunately does not come . Really a shame, because I want to see more of Greek mythology. That’s exactly what makes a game like this so interesting.


While Immortals Fenyx Rising: A New God is still a very entertaining expansion, I can’t help but conclude that Ubisoft dropped a few stitches anyway. The combat has had to make way for puzzles that have become more profound and challenging. Yet the balance here is still pleasant. The big downsides are mainly in the characters or the lack of them and the interaction that they do not have with each other in this expansion. Something that was so good for each other in Immortals Fenyx Rising. Despite that, A New God is definitely recommended if you like puzzles like me.



Immortals Fenyx Rising: a New God





  • New environment
  • More depth in puzzles
  • Very entertaining
  • Humor still present


  • No new gods
  • Dynamic characters absent


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