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Review: Neoverse Trinity Edition

Fight with cards.

Neoverse already appeared on PC last year and earlier this month the title unexpectedly also came to the Nintendo Switch. This deck-building game lets you tackle many battles strategically using a variety of cards to collect. That must of course be your thing, but for the fans of these games, I check in this review whether the game is worth it.

A story?

In Neoverse you play as one of the three available characters, who have to take on monsters during some kind of crisis in order to save the world. The story doesn’t sound very exciting and it isn’t. In fact, it might as well have been left out in this case. However, games like Neoverse rely on well-structured gameplay that makes you want to keep coming back. And fair is fair, the game succeeds in that. Neoverse made sure that I kept playing, while this type of game is not necessarily my cup of tea. How did the game do that?

Interesting gameplay

While the story tells little about the characters, they are distinguished by hundreds of maps and unique abilities for each character. As mentioned, Neoverse is a card deck-building game, so you fight by using cards each time. The trick is to use the right cards correctly to win battles. When you have won you will be rewarded with new cards which give new skills. You have cards that make you defend yourself, cards that perform an attack with a gun, but also cards that do physical attacks. The interesting thing about this is that cards cost points to perform, while you only have X points to spend per ‘turn’. For example, do you use your last points to make an attack? Then you may have a problem since you have no points left to use a defense card. The enemy will then hit you much harder on its turn.

It is just one example of having to use the different cards tactically, after all, each enemy requires a specific attack and enemies can also use cards that ensure that you can suddenly no longer attack or defend. Because you can also combine cards into many different special effects, there are many bizarre ways to play the game. The game commits you to that too. Only do and defend simple attacks? You may be able to make it in the beginning, but not later in the game. So you will have to discover how you can progress.

Neoverse was received very positively on the PC due to the well-organized gameplay, and on the Nintendo Switch that has not changed. Fights remain interesting and get new twists and turns because of the many different cards that you and enemies can use.

During Adventure mode you play through 15 different ‘waves’ with enemies, and quite a few bosses. The enemies quickly get stronger, but the nice thing is that you also get better and new cards that make you stronger and can do much more. This principle ensures that it is always fun to try to get further. If that doesn’t work for a while, you may have used the wrong cards or used them incorrectly. Finding the right strategy can be tough, but also a lot of fun. In addition, it is still possible to buy items in the store, for example items to heal yourself. These can help you a lot during the fights, but they cost a bit. You guessed it, money to buy items is earned by fighting.


While the gameplay remains very strong on the Nintendo Switch, that is slightly less visually. Everything looks fine in itself, but it never gets really impressive. Actually, that’s a missed opportunity because the game doesn’t offer consistently fast and moving action. In addition, it is noticeable in the opening video that the quality has been handled very sloppily. Jagged edges above the screen and pixels in the hair of characters show that the finishing is done in a hurry. The sound does its thing with a number of interesting songs that you hear during the fights, although they are repeated a bit over time. Sound effects are there, but they don’t add much.


Neoverse should be your thing, but if you like this type of game you will get a lot of fun out of the game. The gameplay is deep and extremely interesting, partly due to the huge amount of cards you can use. Visually it may not be great, the gameplay makes it fairly easy to see through. An unexpected release that is actually quite fun!

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