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Review: Ping Redux

Is this bouncing game more fun than a real bouncing ball?

The ping pong puzzle game Ping Redux is a game with a very simple concept, but that doesn’t always say it all. Did Nami Tentou release a good game? You read it here.

First of all, the controls are very simple, because you only use two buttons and a joystick. These are the A button to shoot and the X button to reset the level. You use the joystick to aim and determine how fast your block is going. Very simple and everyone will be able to understand it, but unfortunately there are also a number of negatives that I will mention later in the review.

Strange difficulty

The levels are unfortunately quite poorly set up. Aside from the “boss fights” it is all a bit more of the same with a difficulty setting that bounces up and down almost more than your block. I have nothing against difficult games, but if I pass one level in one go, the next level it takes ten minutes and pass the third level again in one go, then it doesn’t quite add up.

Clumsy controls

The fact that the game bounces back and forth in terms of difficulty is not because the mechanics suddenly become so much more difficult, it has to do with the controls, among other things. Unfortunately, the controls are not very useful in Ping Redux. To begin with, aiming is not that convenient, because you can easily deviate a few degrees, which will ruin your entire round. The block can be sent around 360 degrees and bounces at the same angle as it enters (aka the mirror net for physics enthusiasts). Because everything is blocky, it will not deviate from this, which means that you have to look very precisely, and a controller is just not good enough for that.

In addition, the option of determining the speed is not mentioned in the game. This provides a late awareness of extra possibilities. Because you miss something like that, you will sometimes also not pass levels based on a millisecond because then you may or may not hit a moving block.


In an hour I was through half the game and with a number of levels I really got stuck for a while. So you will not get a lot of fun from this game. Of course you don’t have to do it for the graphic style, as the game goes for a style with few polygons and a classic 80’s look. The only really good thing about the game was the soundtrack which is a must for techno fans to check out.


Although five euros is a very low amount, I personally would not have bought this set for it. The game has a huge switch between difficult and easy and a little too often it just depends on a one degree angle and a one millisecond timing whether you pass the level or not.

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