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Review: The Unexpected Quest

Is this new management game worth it?

The Unexpected Quest is a game from publisher OverGamez where management and strategy are very important. With your full cargo ship you get stranded on an island, while you were just on your way back to your own country. On this island there is a lot to do, to build and there are even others who can help you or with which you have to fight. The islanders have their own problem: a zombie apocalypse. The game is very reminiscent of, for example, The Settlers and Warcraft 3. Whether The Unexpected Quest is also recommended, you can read that in this review.

Of course you are stranded on an island to begin with

When you start it is briefly explained how the game works: by researching, collecting, fighting and building. You can also do quests and use magic.

There are 8 chapters to play, making up a story of a crew stranded on this island drenched in zombies. By doing assignments for islanders, they can progress a bit further to survive this unexpected adventure.

By finding objects such as food and wood, it is possible to build something or find new paths. You can also find or earn gold by doing quests or beating opponents. With the materials it is possible to place buildings in certain places, such as houses to get more residents, barracks to have soldiers and a mill for food.

In the long run you get a little further in the game and the levels are also bigger, which is a lot more fun to do and find out. If you can’t advance on one side of the level, you may have missed something important on the other. There are of course more games like this, but The Unexpected Quest has its own atmosphere, which is fun to experience.

Grab your reading glasses

When you start the game you immediately see that it is a PC game by origin, the control is also to this: with your arrow you have to click on objects to pick them up. This is not always easy, because everything is very small! If you can see less, this is really not a game for you.

What I actually didn’t notice right away, because I first played in handheld mode, is how small the letters are when you want to play this game on TV. There are quite large pieces of text that belong to the quests, these are very difficult to read from a distance. So the advice is definitely to play this game in handheld if you plan to purchase it.


Between the levels you will see short films, these ensure that everything runs smoothly in terms of story. The conversations consist of puppets waving their hands and mumbling sounds, so don’t expect beautifully recorded texts. Incidentally, this way fits well with the rest of the game. This also applies to the other sounds and music, everything is well attuned to each other. The graphic design is also fun to see and a lot of detail has been added to the levels. There are 8 levels and as an average player you can certainly enjoy yourself for an hour or 8-10 with this game.


The Unexpected Quest is an entertaining game: you are managing a group of people who have been washed up on an island covered with zombies. The islanders regularly ask for your help. In addition, it is important to collect materials and money, so that you can make buildings, clear paths and expand the group with new members. It is a management game where you sometimes have to think carefully how you can best progress. The sound and image are well suited to the type of game. The disadvantage is that it is originally a PC game, so the controls sometimes feel a bit clumsy and the text can only be read properly when you play handheld (or have a gigantic TV).

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