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Silver in Valheim: Where you can find it and what you can craft with it

How do you find Silver (Silver) in Valheim? And what can you make with it? Our guide will explain it to you.

To find silver in Valheim, you should use the wishbone.

As part of our guide collection for Valheim, we have already explained how metalworking works and how you can find copper, tin, bronze and iron:

Tin, bronze & copper in Valheim: this is how metal processing works

In this article we will explain to you this time how you can get the rare ore silver (silver) and what can be made from it.

How to find Silver in Valheim

To find silver ore, you have to travel to the icy mountains of the Valheim world. The quickest way to get there is to just keep walking straight ahead in one direction. After you have crossed the Black Forrest (Black Forest), the Swamp (swamp) follows. If you have successfully left this behind, you should come to the mountains next.

Unlike the other ores, you can’t just knock silver out of stones that are waiting for you on the surface of the earth: The silver veins are hidden under the earth . Of course, if you’re lucky, you can start pounding holes in the ground with your pickaxe. However, the use of the wishbone (divining rod) is more effective .

If you have the divining rod, you have to equip it, like all pieces of equipment, with a right click. As soon as this has happened, you will now always see a green light effect if something valuable is buried in the ground near you – you can see it in the picture at the very beginning of the article. You can find not only silver, but also buried treasure chests.

If you have discovered a silver deposit with your dowsing rod, you can mine it now – but note that you need at least one iron pickaxe . You can then collect the ore in the

Attention! If you are out and about in the mountains, you are threatened with frostbite. So always take frost-resistant potions with you, or at least enough material to be able to set up some campfires that reduce the loss of life from the cold debuff.

You can make that with silver in Valheim




Wolf Armor Chest

20 Silver + 5 Wolf Pelt + 1 Chain

Wolf armor breastplate

Wolf armor legs

20 Silver + 5 Wolf Pelt + 4 Wolf Fang

Wolf armor greaves

Wolf Fur Cape

6 Wolf Pelt + 4 Silver + 1 Wolf Trophy

Cloak of wolf armor

Lox Cape

6 Lox Pelt + 2 Silver

Cape made of lox fur; slightly worse than the wolf cloak

Catch spear

10 Ancient Bark + 4 Wolf Fang + 2 Leather Scraps + 2 Silver

Strong spear made from wolf teeth

Silver Sword

2 Wood + 40 Silver + 3 Leather Scraps + 5 Iron

The best sword in the game right now

Drake Helmet

20 Silver + 2 Wolf Pelt + 2 Drake Trophy

The best helmet in the game right now

Silver Shield

10 Fine Wood + 8 Silver

The second best medium sized shield in the game


10 Ancient Bark + 30 Silver + 5 Ymir Flesh + 5 Freeze Gland

Mighty club, needed by Merchant Haldor’s Ymir Flesh

Silver Arrows

8 Wood + 1 Silver + 2 Feathers

Arrows that deal additional spirit damage

Draugr catch

10 Ancient Bark + 20 Silver + 2 Deer Hide + 10 Peep

The best bow in the game



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