Sorry from Epic: Fortnite players receive exclusive gift

In the recent past, Epic’s Fortnite money printing machine has been struggling with a few issues. The developer would now like to apologize for this and offer the players an exclusive gift – but this is only available for paying customers.

Fortnite: Crew subscription struggles with problems – subscribers receive a small compensation

At the beginning of December, Epic Games implemented a new payment model for its battle royale shooter Fortnite. The monthly subscription called “Fortnite Crew” costs 11.99 $ and offers buyers 1,000 V-Bucks, an exclusive outfit, and the current season’s Battle Pass every month.

The announcement caused some discussion and criticism among the players. Subscribers also complained. Many members of the subscription service had great problems redeeming their awards. In addition, it was very difficult to cancel the subscription on the Xbox – Epic Games also publicly admits this in a blog entry.

To apologize for this misery, Epic Games has a small compensation in store for all Fortnite crew members – an exclusive emote called “Secret Handshake “:

If you want to secure the animation, you have to hurry. Subscribers can still get the emote up to February 15, 2021, by logging into the game. Epic advises players that it can take up to 48 hours after logging in for the emote to be available on the account.

A short trailer shows what you can expect from the Fortnite subscription:

Changes to the subscription system: Epic wants to further improve the payment service

In the same blog post, Epic Games gives a brief outlook on the future of the Fortnite crew service. The company plans to continue to “create cool content and features”.

As Fortnite leaker and Twitter user @iFireMonkey reports, Epic Games has also started a poll in which Fortnite crew members can indicate what would make the subscription even better. The following options were available:

  • The creation of custom matches with your own settings
  • A higher player limit for creative mode
  • More islands in creative mode
  • Exclusive cosmetic items
  • “Unique player experiences”
  • Cloud-based replay function with unlimited storage space

The results of the survey are likely to have a significant impact on the future of the Fortnite subscription.


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