The Ultimate Guide to the Top 5 Best Mobile Gimbals (2023)

One of the best mobile gimbals are not a easiest game to choose and play. All are set to the specifications and advantages of the device that can be found by observing and finding the best mobile gimbal. Most of the mobile gimbals are costlier than the purpose of performance they provide to us and the user.

Best Mobile Gimbals in 2022


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The DJI OM 5 is the best mobile gimbals that deviates from the traditional design with its 21.5cm extension rod resembling a selfie stick. While some users may appreciate the added distance, it comes at the cost of reduced battery life compared to the older OM 4, and the OM 5 cannot function as a power bank for your phone. However, DJI still offers the OM 4, including a modified “SE” version that we will review soon, giving consumers a choice. The OM 5 has a magnetic clamp that simplifies mounting and dismounting your phone and, despite being lighter than the OM 4, its powerful motor stabilizes larger and heavier phones effectively. The Mimo app enables smooth object tracking, gesture controls, and trick shot modes, making the OM 5 a premium and elegant option.


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Even though the DJI OM 4 is not the latest or most advanced best mobile gimbals, it is still available for purchase from third-party retailers and is a great option for stabilizing your phone with its strong motors and innovative magnetic clamp design. The clamp makes it easy to attach and detach your phone quickly without struggling with a spring-loaded clamp. However, the magnet clamp may not hold all phone cases equally well, so use it with caution to protect your phone.

Compared to its successor, the OM 5, the OM 4 is more traditional in its design but has over double the battery life. While it is not as lightweight or compact as the newer model, it uses the same Mimo app with superb object tracking and trick shot modes. It is important to note that the OM 4 is not the same as the newer and less expensive OM 4 SE, which will be included in this guide once we have reviewed it.  The Ultimate Guide to the Top 5 Best Mobile Gimbals (2023) Zhiyun Smooth Q3 GamingTechnologyNews

Zhiyun Smooth Q3

Zhiyun is a major player in the best mobile gimbal in the market, and its Smooth Q3 is one of several models available for mobile devices. The gimbal has a compact and sliding design, along with excellent build quality, which puts it in a similar league to DJI’s offerings. Although it lacks DJI’s magnetic clamp, it does have a built-in swiveling fill light that keeps subjects or the user well illuminated. Additionally, its stabilization is similar to the DJI OM 4 and 5.

However, the ZY Cami app provided by Zhiyun is not as user-friendly or stable as the DJI Mimo app, and some of its features are only available after paying for a “Prime” membership. While using the gimbal to capture stabilized footage does not require the app, special shooting modes such as dolly zoom, object tracking, and gesture controls need it. The gimbal would be a better competitor to the OM 4 with a more robust app.

Hohem gimbal -  The Ultimate Guide to the Top 5 Best Mobile Gimbals (2023) Hohem gimbal GamingTechnologyNews

Hohem iSteady V2

If you are on a budget and cannot afford DJI’s models, the Hohem iSteady V2 is a good alternative to consider. Although the best mobile gimbal is not perfect in some areas, it provides effective stabilization, decent AI-assisted face and object tracking, and a built-in LED for illuminating your face even in low-light conditions.

The handle is compact and lightweight but has motors and a spring-assisted clamp that can handle similar phone sizes and weights as the DJI OM 4 and OM 5. However, the build quality is not as good as DJI’s, as everything feels a bit plasticky, and the clamp needs a screw to secure it instead of a simple click. Additionally, the face-tracking is not as smooth or accurate as DJI’s and sometimes jerks quickly or loses track of the subject. Nevertheless, considering the lower price of the iSteady V2, these drawbacks may not be deal-breakers.

JOBY GIMBAL - 5 Best Mobile Gimbals 2023 - GamingTechnologyNews  The Ultimate Guide to the Top 5 Best Mobile Gimbals (2023) JOBY GIMBAL 5 Best Mobile Gimbals 2023 GamingTechnologyNews scaled

Joby Smart Stabilizer

Joby’s GorillaPod mini-tripod is popular among vloggers, but the company’s mobile gimbal isn’t as well-known. Compared to other models, it seems outdated with its bulky and non-folding design and Micro USB port. Unlike some of the other gimbals, it doesn’t fit in a large pocket and needs to be carried in a backpack or camera bag. The Smart Stabilizer has a sturdy, high-quality plastic build and functions well as a stabilizer, with the companion app offering efficient and seamless object tracking. However, it’s worth noting that despite its size and weight, the motor can only support phones weighing up to 210g, which is lighter than what the DJI, Hohem, and Zhiyun gimbals can handle. Overall, the Smart Stabilizer feels outdated, although some users may find the built-in extension rod useful.

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