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The appearance of Ghosts’ n Goblins: Resurrection explained in second Dev Video

The producer tells in a new video how the look of Ghosts’ n Goblins: Resurrection came about.

In December, Capcom announced Ghosts’ n Goblins: Resurrection. The series has been in a coma for years, but will soon be back to life on Nintendo Switch. After all these years, the games landscape has changed a lot in terms of possibilities. Capcom releases several videos in which the producers explain choices behind the game.

For Ghosts’ n Goblins: Resurrection, a new but recognizable appearance had to be found. Producer Peter Fabiano tells in the following video what the inspiration behind this new style is and why it was chosen.

In the first Dev Video, producers Peter Fabiano and Yoshiaki Hirabayashi already discussed the long-awaited return of the series.


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