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Tin, bronze & copper in Valheim: this is how metal processing works

How do you get Smelter and Forge in Valheim? And do you find copper, tin and bronze? Our guide will explain it to you.

The smelter in Valheim is the basis for metal processing.

In the new Survival Hit Valheim you begin as a nobody, stones and wooden picks up from the ground and first it builds weapons and tools. In order for you to become stronger and to slay all of the four powerful bosses, you absolutely have to forge better equipment. In this guide, we explain how you can get bronze, copper, tin, smelter and forge , which enable you to work metal.

How do you get copper in Valheim?

Before you can venture into metalworking, you have to get the pickaxe – we explain how that works in the following article:

Valheim: How you get the Pickaxe

If you have successfully built it, you have to travel to the biome Black Forest – just walk straight ahead in one direction. The text on the minimap gives you information about which biome you are in at any time, so always keep an eye on it.

Copper (Copper), the first metal that you can process. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to spot because you’ll find it in huge, moss-covered rocks:

This is what Copper looks like in Valheim
This is what Copper looks like in Valheim

You can now knock the ore out of the deposit with your pickaxe, but you should note that the ore is quite heavy – so it is best to leave everything unnecessary in your base before your trip to the Black Forest so that you can carry more.

How do you get tin (tin) in Valheim?

The same rules apply to tin as to copper : You need the Pickaxe and you have to go to the Black Forest, and this ore also weighs quite a bit.

You can find tin near water, where it is waiting for you in the form of shiny silver stones:

Tin can be found in these shiny stones in Valheim.
Tin can be found in these shiny stones in Valheim.

How do you get bronze in Valheim?

For the third metal, bronze, you’ll need the copper and tin from the previous steps. You have to melt these down in a smelter (melting furnace) and then combine them in the forge (forge).

In the next step we will explain how you can get to these two buildings. In our Building Guide for Valhalla , you can find out how you can build a stylish base with pretty longhouses .

How do you get Smelter and Forge in Valheim?

The most difficult step in metalworking is building a smelter (melting furnace) and forge (forge), because for this you not only need wood and stones, but also surtling cores . You can find these red glowing cores as a loot on the little flaming creatures called Surtling.

A trip to the Dungeon Burial Chamber is more effective in terms of time : After the first update for Valheim you will find more of the resource there. To do this, go to the Black Forest and keep an eye out for skeletons – these are a good indicator that the entrance to the vault is nearby.

The entrance of a dungeon in Valheim.
The entrance of a dungeon in Valheim.

In each Burial Chamber there is a room in which several Surtling Cores can be looted. However, it is teeming with powerful enemies like the aforementioned skeletons and possibly even undead draugr.

If you have looted a total of ten Surtling Cores in the dungeon, you can return to your base, build the Smelter and the Forge and start forging mighty bronze equipment.

How do you get iron in Valheim?

If you have equipped yourself with bronze tools and bronze equipment, the next goal is to obtain iron. There are three different ways to find this:

Dungeons: You go to the Sunken Crypts dungeon – but first you have to have a key that you can get from boss The Elder. Look for slippery piles there, the so-called Muddy Scrap Piles.

These can be removed with a bronze pickaxe and provide you with iron scraps, leather scraps and withered bones. You will also find boxes in the Sunken Crypts in which Scrap Iron can be found.

Meteorite Crater: The Meteor Crater can be found in all areas from the Black Forest. These craters are guarded by surtlings and the meteorites can be mined after you have killed the flaming creatures to get iron scraps.

Iron deposits: Iron, like copper and tin, can be harvested from iron deposits. You can find them in the Biomes Swamp and Mountains.

Iron can be found in Valheim in the swamp (picture) or in the mountains.
Iron can be found in Valheim in the swamp (picture) or in the mountains.

If you have found Iron Scraps or Iron Ore, you can pack them in your smelter and melt them down into iron bars. You can then use the forge to make iron tools and weapons.


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