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Valheim: Cheats and Console Commands – this is how you activate them

In Valheim you can make your Viking life easier with console commands. We explain how this works and what cheats are available.

With cheats, even large creatures in Valheim are no longer a threat.

With the console commands from Valheim you can make life in the rough Viking world a lot more comfortable. We explain how you enter them and which cheats are available for invulnerability, teleport and skill level.

And before someone yells “that’s unfair”: The cheats for Valheim that we are presenting here only work in your own world. As soon as you enter a foreign server, the cheat mode is deactivated and only the regular admin commands of the host work, which we also list here. So cheating doesn’t give you an advantage in PvP combat!

Enter Console Commands for Valheim

To open the command input, you proceed as follows:

  • With Ctrl and F3 you hide your user interface.
  • With F5 you open the console.
  • There you can type in “help” to see a list of all commands.

These admin commands are available for Valheim:

  • help – Displays all available commands
  • kick [name / ip / userID] – Kicks the user
  • ban [name / ip / userID] – Block the user
  • unban [ip / userID] – Unblocks the user
  • banned – Shows a list of all banned users
  • ping – Ping the server to find out your latency
  • lodbias [number] – Sets the level of detail (LOD) based on the distance. Set to 1.5 by default
  • info – Prints system information as a PDF

This is how you use cheats for Valheim

You can easily get the cheat codes in the game:

  • To use cheats in your own world, first open the console as described in the paragraph above.
  • Now you type in »imacheater«. This activates the cheat mode.
  • If you want a complete cheat list, type in “help” again and you will get all the codes in the overview.

These cheats are available for Valheim:

  • god – Activates God Mode
  • pos – current player position
  • goto [x, z] – teleport
  • killall – Kills all nearby enemies
  • exploremap – Reveals the entire map
  • resetmap – Resets the exposed areas of the map
  • tame – Tames all (tamable) creatures nearby
  • location – sets a spawn point
  • freefly – Free flight for photo mode
  • ffsmooth – Even free flight
  • event [name] – Starts the event
  • stopevent – Stops an ongoing event
  • randomevent – Start a random event
  • raiseskill [skill] [amount] – Raises your skill level (example: raiseskill run 100)
  • resetcharacter – Resets your character data
  • hair – hair
  • beard – beard
  • save – Forces the world to be saved
  • removedrops – Removes all item drops in the area
  • players [nr] – difficulty level (0 = reset)
  • wind [angle] [intensity] – Adjusts wind
  • resetwind – Resets wind

What’s next with the survival hit?

Valheim still has big plans for 2021, which the developers have presented in a roadmap. Among other things, shipping is to be expanded in Early Access. And improvements to the combat system, items, vendors and the sandbox mode are also on the to-do list.

Just a few days after the launch, the first update for Valheim was released, in which the developers directly fulfilled a much-voiced fan request. The Steam hit doesn’t have a final release date yet, it will probably be at the beginning of 2022.



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