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Valheim: Major updates could make it necessary to delete your game world

Valheim is still in Early Access, so major updates could result in a wipe and thus the deletion of your game world.

Big updates for Valheim could mean that you have to say goodbye to your painstakingly built base.

The survival game Valheim is still in the Early Access phase on Steam. This means that it is not yet in a release state and the developers plan to add more content through updates.

In online games, however, Early Access also means that you have to expect so-called “wipes”, i.e. the deletion of what you have achieved so far . The developers of the Steam hit have now commented on this sensitive topic.

Don’t fall in love too much with your Valheim world

What are wipes? A wipe is the deletion of everything that a player has achieved in a certain period of time. The survival game Rust, for example, repeatedly wipes. The fans then always have to start over. Even in DayZ all progress has been reset recently .

Why are there wipes? Wipes are usually associated with major updates to the game, which involve such extensive changes that the previous game status becomes incompatible and can no longer be used. While this is annoying, it is simply something that players of a title that has not yet been officially released have to expect.

How does it look at Valheim? The question of wipes keeps coming up on Steam. There are now also statements from the developers about this. Henrik Törnqvist, co-founder of Iron Gate Studios, says in an interview with PC Gamer :

“We’re currently discussing how we want to do [major updates]. From a technical standpoint. I can’t really give you a straight answer right now.”

However, there is a more specific statement on Steam . There managing director and Valheim inventor Richard Svensson writes:

“In most cases we will try not to force you to start a new world. In some cases, however, this may be inevitable. When we make a big change to world terrain generation, such as a new biome Add type.

Then you will most likely need to start a new world to experience this new content. In most cases, however, new game content is simply added to areas that have not been explored her and already explored areas remain unchanged. “


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