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Valheim player falls a tree, but the forest “turns” the tables

The forest gives, the forest takes: Physics in Valheim often helps you fell trees, but sometimes trees just cut out.

Felling trees in Valheim is dangerous. Very. A player notices this in a surprising way.

Don’t worry, the sleepy weekend writer won’t serve you the same story twice. You could assume, after all, she reminds suspiciously of the article on physics in Valheim by her colleague Andreas Bertits, in which a player actually only wants to fell a tree, but instead clears half the forest and at the end blesses the temporal himself.

This story tells less about successful tree felling Vikings and more about a previously underrated element of physics. Because physics in Valheim even seems to know twist .

The video from player Itsjareds shows how curious and impressive the physics model of Valheim actually is. It’s best to take a look before reading on:

[Valheim] Hello HR? I’d like to file for worker’s compensation from GamePhysics

Dance of death

The logger in the video doesn’t think much of it when the trunk gets caught in the fork of the neighboring plant after it has been felled. Often seen, nothing groundbreaking … you might think! The player motionlessly observes how realistically the weight of the trunk slowly shifts.

But exactly then the story develops to the disadvantage of the player. When the tree has made a 180-degree turn with its weight , it leaves the “grip” of the neighboring tree – and falls to the side. Still not a problem for the player, after all, he is standing in a different direction, so be sure …

However, the brave Viking underestimates the power of twist . At least we believe that the tree trunk experienced so much rotation through its acrobatics in the fork of the branch that it behaves like a top when it comes into contact with the ground. A hard to predict and sharp curve transformed the tree trunk into the heavy fist of the forest spirits and kills the poor player character. We think we briefly heard Odin’s roaring laughter.



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