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Valheim sold two million times in less than two weeks: Which Steam hits can keep up?

Valheim is selling very quickly on Steam – but how does it compare to other current games?

Valheim sells quickly, but not the fastest.

The survival game Valheim is the Steam hype of February: the Viking game has dominated the Steam Charts for two weeks, and on the evening of February 15, 2021, a new high was reached with over 390,000 players at the same time.

The Swedish developer studio Iron Gate announced on Steam that Valheim has already sold over two million times in the two weeks since its early access release. But how does Valheim compare to other current games?

That’s how quickly other Steam hits sold


For many fans, Hades is considered the best game of 2020: The hack-and-slay lifted storytelling in a roguelike game to a completely new level and also convinces with an excellent gameplay flow.

In terms of sales, however, Hades clearly draws the short straw compared to Valheim: The title from Supergiant Games started early access in the Epic Store in December 2018, followed by Steam in December 2019. However, the mark of one million copies sold was only reached on November 21, 2020 – almost 2 years later after the first release.


You will surely remember: In autumn 2020, the co-op ghost hunt Phasmophobia was on everyone’s lips – certainly also because many players were in a horror mood for Halloween. On that same day of horror, Phasmophobia also reached its peak of 112,000 simultaneous players.

As with the number of players, Phasmophobia cannot quite keep up with Valheim in terms of sales: the co-op horror was also able to record two million sales relatively quickly , but it took a month and a half to do so .

Fall guys

A good two months before Phasmophobia was published, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout caused a sensation: The Fun Battle Royale, in which funny waddling beans in., Was also spurred on by a hype on the streaming platform Twitch and a funny social media department compete against each other in a game show à la Takeshi’s Castle, attracting up to 172,000 players at the same time.

Although the number of players could never reach the current level of Valheim, Fall Guys was twice as fast in terms of sales: after just a week , publisher Devolver Digital announced that it was already able to sell two million copies on Steam. Fall Guys has now sold 11 million people.

Cyberpunk 2077


Cyberpunk 2077 was probably one of the most anticipated games of all time: even before its release on December 10, 2020, CD Projekt was able to announce over eight million pre-orders .

Despite some technical problems and bugs, as well as a catastrophic console version for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, the publisher reported just 10 days after the release that they had already achieved 13 million sales . This number should already include the games returned. However, with these numbers you have to note that Cyberpunk is accessible to a larger player base thanks to the additional console release, but at 60 euros it costs almost three times as much as Valheim.

For a better overview you can find the comparison between the five games in the following table:



Sales speed


16.79 dollars

Two million after two weeks


20.99 dollars

A million after two years


11.59 dollars

Two million after 1.5 months

Fall guys

19.99 dollars 

Two million after a week


59.99 dollars

13 million after ten days (including console sockets)


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