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Visual novel Root Film gets release date on Nintendo Switch

PQube and Kadokawa Games have announced that the visual novella Root Film is coming to Nintendo Switch on March 19. In honor of this news, they come with a new trailer.

The trailer shows what you can expect from the game. Root Film is a bridge between a visual novel and an adventure game that revolves around the television series Shimane Mystery Drama Project.

Although production of this stopped ten years ago for mysterious reasons, aspiring filmmaker Yagumo Rintaro wants to bring it back to life. However, a series of lurid murders follow every step that Yagumo and his film crew take … It’s up to you to put the puzzle pieces in the right place!

Root Film is a spiritual sequel to Root Letter: Last Answer, which is currently available on the Nintendo Switch eShop. In September, the developers already announced that we could expect the game at the beginning of 2021.


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