Well-known GTA characters get a fantastic makeover

Many of the popular GTA parts now have a few years under their belt. So do the graphic models of their popular protagonists. An artist is now showing what the characters would look like in modern games.

What would old GTA characters look like in games today?

The artist Hossein Diba has published a number of pictures of well-known characters from the GTA series on his ArtStation profile. He does not focus on the protagonists of the current GTA 5, his focus is on the pixel faces of the past few days. The player’s favorite CJ from the equally popular GTA: San Andreas looks incredibly realistic:

Quite unusual Carl ‘CJ’ Johnsen without seeing his famous rough edges. Known from the GTA with its 80s charm: Vice City also shines Thomas ‘Tommy’ Vercetti in a completely new light. The game was originally released for the PS2 and is already 19 years old. In a game today, Tommy would look like this:

Nikolai ‘Niko’ Bellic from GTA 4 was not equipped with such a poorly detailed 3D model in the original but is now ten years old. So he too gets a makeover and cuts an incredibly good and above all sharp figure in this chic group picture :

Hossein Diba has turned other popular characters into razor-sharp 3D models on his profile. On his YouTube channel, you can also find some videos that give the story of how it came about and provide further insights. You can check out some of his GTA creations in this gallery :

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If you now feel like diving into the old realms of the GTA world again, we have good news. The PS Store offers classics like GTA: San Andreas and GTA: Vice City for the PS4.

The pictures of Hossein Diba are crying out for a remaster of the most popular GTA parts of the past, or what do you think? Should the characters get a makeover? Or do you prefer GTA 6? Visit us on our Facebook page and let us know what you think in the comments.




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